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Gila River Review
Dylan DeCiancio

The Lady Killer

At a party one night

Through the hazy sound

There was this girl whose eyes I found

A stare so deep I came back for seconds

Multiple times I get that stare, from across this room

Here and now. This is a game to her, every stare like a dare

I give it a thought and put a plan in to action

I wandered over around the drinks and through the snacks

My chest was bumping like a club on a Saturday

All I can think of is that girls gaze


I approach… stopping short.

Take a deep breath and please don’t fall apart.

Turn around and run away you don’t have a chance.

I really hope I don’t mess this up

I mean she’s just so… pretty.

She is only wearing just a tanktop and jeans but still so classy

Her deep red hair and her silverfish eyes

Those eyes… those eyes… those eyes


Should I do this I mean should I even try?

What’s the worst that could happen? Will I die?

Go for it kid

 I crack my knuckles

And take the leap…


My opening line placed just right,

“I thought it was just gonna be the two of us tonight.”

Taken back by my words but intrigued with my guts,

This girl probably thinks im nuts.

I hand her a drink and give her a wink,

She gets it now like when a seatbelt clicks.

Hellos are out of the way and we start talking

Like a marathon I have to struggle to keep up with my pace.

Quite quirky, cute to boot, and just the looks on her face

Eye contact is never broken and pointless words never spoken.

Still stupefied at her beauty and grace.

Looking relaxed and a slight lean on the wall

I know what the mirror is going to say,

“This is the fairest girl of them all.”


I give her my mojo, I give her attention.

She isn’t awkward and there is no tension.

She gives me a wink tells me to find her later,

“I have to meet my friends” she says

Concerned I look but she calms my nerves,

“10:30, my car, the silver mustang”

we’ll go back to my place.” she whispers in my ear

then with a kiss on the cheek, like a punch from Tyson.

I feel accomplished, and like I won this game.

I walk away knowing that I am the victor tonight and then…

…Stopped dead in my tracks like a horse with a broken leg

Could it be… no… but wait, what was it?

It occurs to me I forgot her name.

Dylan "Danger" DeCiancio was born in a log cabin in 1991. He currently studies ninja fighting skills and creative writing at CGCC. He hopes to one day not live with his parents anymore. He really hopes you enjoy his work!

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