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Gila River Review
Jonelle Farr

The Door


Unsteady and stumbling through the crumbled rubble—

This depicts what our lives have now become.



Our house has been swept away

Like a drawing from a dry erase board.

All that remains is a sea of cement slabs

Looking like a disorderly upheaval of crushed ice;

A foundation—

Its wooden beams stretching flimsily towards the sky

Like the loose ends of an unfinished wicker basket;

Part of a once-strong brick wall

Standing crudely sawed in half,

Its edges looking like corrugated cardboard;

In the background

A telephone pole twisted like a wire—

Bent and swaying like a blade of grass in the slightest of breezes.


A Door.

One oak door standing tall and solitary

As if it has roots too deeply twisted in the ground

For the confusing whirlpool of wind to wrest it from the earth.

How it survived I will never know;

But there it stood

Outlined by the perfectly measured door frame

Looking like a picture hanging against a sky

As gray as a steel sheet

Hovering over the chaos below.

How many times has this door been opened and closed?

Now it stands closed for the last time.

Even if it were opened

It would only reveal the same tragedy on the other side;

Yet the brass doorknob shines like a golden orb

Captivating the eye and drawing me in.

I reach out a trembling hand

To gently touch the smooth familiar handle.



The door is a beacon of hope

Towering above the ruin and decay.

The door may close off my past way of life,

But it is still a door—

One that can also open to opportunities
For starting over fresh and new.

Jonelle Farr: "Though I am new to the writing process, I find that I am facinated by it. I thoroughly enjoy the creativity and looking for specific words to produce just the right image/feeling. I have learned a lot this year and hope to continue writing."

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