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Gila River Review
Deborah Payne

My Nomination

Adam could have won the award

For biggest jerk in the gym.

Nobody nominated him though

Because he would have won,

And he would relish in the expansion

Of his oh-so-greatness at winning something.


He goes to the gym sporting a Superman T-shirt

That looks shrink wrapped around his frame.

Only I know that his Superman T-shirt is ironic;

Heights give him hell.


Besides puking out arrogance,

He announces his entrances

Like a singing bard at a Shakespeare festival.

His voice makes a nursery of screaming babies

Sound like Beethoven or Bach.


The only thing worse than his pernicious presence

Is a towel snap to my left butt cheek and a

“Tell Mom I’ll be late for dinner” as he walks by.

One day his ego blimp will go down like the Hindenburg.

Deborah Payne is aspiring to be a writer and is enjoying the facilities available at CGCC to help her become better in her craft.

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