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Gila River Review
Devon Veater

Blind Grace

During intermission of my daughter’s ballet recital 

a blind girl explores the stage..  

Her swaying movements tranquil as a backyard

hammock, she saturates us with envy. 

Oblivious to our stares, she performs her solo 

for us who are handicapped with inhibition.  

Her hands caress the velvet curtain 

as she slowly spins her yellow dress.  

I wonder if in her mind she is touching 

giant rose petals.  What is yellow 

in a world where color is not seen, 

only absorbed?  Her face is calm wonder 

as she flits through a moment of no

reticence, no boundaries, no fear.  

The dance ends.  Graciously nobody claps.

Pink Hearts & Death

Miss Knepple’s gray ponytail wiggled as she wrote.

The chalk spit dust as she crossed the first “t” in constitution.  

--I made my move.   

A declaration of love, complete with pink hearts carefully drawn 

to make sure they weren’t too skinny or fat  

My stomach felt floppy when my fingers touched her palm, 

and when she smiled I missed it because I was scared to look. 


As the third “t” received it’s cross, the ponytail stopped; 

Impossibly seeing the hopeful transaction 

the moment lurched 

from romance to horror 

as the Freak



I stood in front, my masterpiece

in hand, and went to death  

As I read...


“I hold your love

 like a fragile dove...”


Blake and Rusty could even see the pink hearts.

Devon Veater is currently studying Introduction to Creative Writing with Josh Rathkamp at Mesa Community College.

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