New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Welcome to Coyote Kickoff

Congratulations on starting your educational journey! We can’t wait to welcome you to CGCC, and that starts with Coyote Kickoff, our new student orientation program that will help make sure you’re prepared for your first semester.

Coyote Kick-off is a mandatory orientation for all new-to-college students seeking a degree or pursuing a university transfer. That includes our early college students who participated in Dual Enrollment, ACE or Hoop of Learning programs.

Coyote Kickoffs help you feel at ease as you transition into your new adventure. You’ll meet with your academic advisors and get answers to all your new-student questions. You’ll also gain access to services and resources available to help you succeed, and get training on software tools available to help manage your new academic life.

You’ll be able to register for your first semester of classes, and secure them by choosing your payment option:

Tips for Success

Prior to Orientation, Students Need To:

  1. Complete the Admissions Application process
  2. Review Program of Study
  3. Determine Course placement and digitally submit one of the following placements:
    1. High School GPA,
    2. ACT,
    3. SAT,
    4. GED,
    5. Take our free online placement assessments, Maricopa EdReady
  4. Check your Maricopa Student email for the next steps and details
  5. Contact us with any questions at Live Enrollment Support - “Coyote Kick-off”

Need Help with your Password and MEID

During Orientation, Students Will:

  1. Receive their first-semester schedule from a CGCC Academic Advisor
  2. Register for Fall 2022 Classes
  3. View Charges and Make a Payment Plan or Accept Financial Aid
  4. Explore Resources and Services
  5. Join us for Welcome Week

If you have questions about requirements or have a special situation, no problem! Just email us at


We have created a tailored Orientation for Veterans registering with VA benefits. Please contact for enrollment support, and to register for a tailored session.

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