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 Agave Hall Renovation Project

  • Updates and Announcements
  • Project Steering Team
  • Floor Plan
  • Project Overview


College personnel are advised to remember that during construction Spring 2015 a number of classrooms have been taken offline due to the renovation. Large meeting space of AGA 155 and 165 and AGA 101 along with classrooms AGA 158, 160, 162, and 176 will be unavailable.

In order to have minimal impact to academic programming during construction the SC 140, 141 and 142 suite have been removed from ad hoc scheduling to accommodate those programs who typically held classes in Agave Hall.
Your patience is requested during this time. We will be using our Williams Campus and Sun Lakes Center to fill the special event needs of the college for the Spring semester.
Plans for construction zones and student passages


  William Guerriero
  Vice President of Academic Affairs

  Jacalyn Askin
  Vice President of Administrative Services
  Performing Arts: 
  Represented by two of the following on
  the Steering Team (all participate in the
  Performing Arts User Group):
     Randy Wright
     Instrumental Music Faculty
     Gordon Jesse
     Theater Faculty
  Other Faculty:
  Representation of Faculty Senate and/or 
  Division Chairs
  Charles Poure
  Director of College Facilities Planning &
  Michael Berry
  Interim Director of Information Technology
  Gary Eberhard
  District Facilities Planning & Development
Click image below for Detailed Floor PlansAGAVE Art.jpg


In Spring 2015 the College will again have the opportunity to transform the use of the building, as student affairs and services and the fitness center relocated to the new Coyote Center, in July 2014.  This provides an opportunity for CGCC to effectively and efficiently meet the requirements identified in the 2004 bond program to expand and enhance spaces for performing arts instruction and rehearsal. 
In addition, the size of Agave Hall will allow CGCC to address other needs including those for a large meeting space (“Community Room”) and additional classrooms and faculty offices to support the campus’ continued growth.  The project will also include refreshment and updating of building interiors, exteriors and systems. 
The Performing Arts classroom and rehearsal spaces will complement the nearby Arnette Scott Ward Performing Arts Center (PAC) by providing classroom and rehearsal spaces for CGCC’s instrumental and vocal music programs as well as its dance program. The performing arts center opened in 2002, and while it functions effectively as a performance space, it does not include rooms for the college’s multiple instrumental and vocal ensembles nor its dance troupes to receive instruction or to rehearse. 
The PAC Black Box does not currently function for theater practice or performance because it lacks the necessary electrical infrastructure to support stage lighting, and, hence, is utilized for dance and music instruction.  The best use of this facility will be identified in this project as part of facility programming for the performing arts.
General purpose classrooms along with faculty offices will provide an instructional hub that is flexible and adaptive to changing curricular needs of CGCC’s students.  The large Community Room will complement these by accommodating supporting events and activities as well as providing space for multiple classes to participate in joint instructional activities.
The unique performing arts spaces will be used extensively over its lifetime, accommodating the larger vocal and instrumental groups now enrolled and anticipated in the future. Close proximity to the Arnette Scott Ward Performing Arts Center (PAC) will allow these to act in supporting roles to performances are scheduled in the PAC.
The estimated budget for this project is $6 million; the source of funds will be proceeds from the 2004 bond and the college’s capital development project holding account.

Overview taken from the introduction to the Project Educational Specifications AGAVE HALL RENOVATION revised Oct. 2012.