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 Student Initiatives

Students at CGCC are encouraged and empowered to work towards their own projects related to sustainability.

Student Activities in the Environmental Technology Center

The Environmental Technology Center (ETC) is a hub for interdisciplinary, experiential learning projects on the Pecos campus.  

The area is designed to be flexible and evolving. Civic-service that engage students in global issues in sustainability are prioritized to reveal to students a sense of place within their community.



The mission of CGCC’s student club, HEAT (Hands-on, Environmental Action Team) is to inform, inspire, and ignite students to engage the community to act on environmental issues and respond to humanitarian disasters.

HEAT club members have created campus recycling and composting programs, held fundraising events for victims of natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti, and host an annual Dumpster Dive, which is a faculty, staff and student waste audit to raise awareness about what is thrown away at CGCC with the intent of increasing recycling and reducing waste. HEAT has also partnered with CGCC faculty and staff to create and maintain the college’s Environmental Technology Center community garden.

CGCC’s Phi Theta Kappa organization has worked with HEAT in recycling efforts, as well as sponsoring a cell phone recycling drive, and educational events about energy management, which included an effort to encourage students and community members to switch to CFL bulbs in their homes and workplaces.

Environmental Technology Center 


The ETC serves as a collaborative outdoor learning lab in which students, employees, and community members work together towards a shared vision of sustainability. CGCC faculty across many disciplines are incorporating the ETC into the curriculum, focusing on areas such as rainwater harvesting, herb gardens, community food banks, adobe brick project and a new vertical garden.

The ETC is also utilized for K-12 outreach and service-learning projects with local community agencies, educating youth about issues of sustainability, companion planting, plant structure, watering approaches, and composting. K-12 students will also have the opportunity to plant and work in the garden, learning how to grow food and why it is beneficial to their health, the earth, and our local community.

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Environmental Technology Center