New Coordinator Assists CGCC Student Veterans

Irene Lowe and Anthony Antonio are just two of more than 400 Armed Forces veterans attending Chandler-Gilbert Community College this fall.

CGCC has responded to the increasing number of veterans returning to school by hiring LaMar Chapman, a Veterans Services Coordinator, who will assist student veterans as they transition to college.

“CGCC’s goal is to provide a variety of student enrollment services and academic programs that allow veterans and their dependants to obtain a postsecondary degree and promote opportunities for individual growth,” Chapman said.

Lowe, 33, earned her bachelor’s in business management while serving in the Navy.  She now works at Intel as a manufacturing technician and decided to head back to college this fall for her mechanical engineering degree. 

"For me, going back to school was a no-brainer - the GI Bill covers my tuition, books, and provides a monthly stipend," Lowe said.  "I believe in lifetime learning, and an additional degree will also increase my future opportunities at Intel.”

Pictured: Anthony Antonio, 27, a former Marine who currently serves as president of the college’s Veterans Student Organization.

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 Biomedical Technology Program Trains Future Scientists

Forensic microscopy, DNA fingerprinting, bioethics, and genetics - these are just a few of the things Chandler-Gilbert Community College students are learning about this fall in the college’s Biomedical Research Technology program.

Pushpa Ramakrishna, CGCC biology faculty, said the program is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the field by focusing on both theory and application in lab settings, as well as knowledge of current topics in biomedical research.

“We are training and educating our students in the frontiers of biomedical technology,” Ramakrishna said. “I feel that it’s important to educate students about the unprecedented advances in biomedical sciences and technology and train them to think and act like real life scientists in the classroom.”

Ramakrishna said that upon completion of this Associate in Applied Science degree, students will be capable of going right to work in cutting-edge biotechnology companies and research labs.

Pictured: CGCC biology faculty Pushpa Ramakrishna demonstrates a lab procedure to Biomedical Research Technology students.

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 President's Community Advisory Council Member Profile: James D. Murlless, Ed.D.

Members of CGCC's President's Community Advisory Council (PCAC) provide information and ideas to the college that reflect community perspectives.

Each month, we will feature a current member of the PCAC.  This month, we are pleased to introduce James D. Murlless, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools for the Queen Creek Unified School District.

Q.   How long have you served in your current position as Superintendent of Schools in the Queen Creek Unified School District?
A. I have served as Superintendent of Schools in Queen Creek for 13 years, since 1998. I have 27 years total as superintendent in the southwest (AZ, CO, NM).  I am so proud of what the Queen Creek Unified School District has been able to accomplish in these years. Our stability is unmatched in the East Valley and we continue to provide a great product for our students. Our quality is clearly evident in our school profiles of Highly Performing and Excelling. In Queen Creek our business is students, and business is great right now!

Q.   What are your primary duties in this position?

A. I report to the Board of Education of Queen Creek and oversee the day-to-day operations of the district. I also supervise assistant superintendents, district directors, and principals. My love is being out in the schools and in the classrooms. That is where it all happens, with our great teaching staff.

Q.   How long have you served on the CGCC President’s Community Advisory Council and why do you feel it’s important to serve on this Council?
A. I have been on CGCC's President’s Community Advisory Council since 2002. CGCC enrolls many of our graduates every year and has grown to become a viable option for our students who seek to continue their education past high school. So to, it is important that the superintendent has a strong relationship with the college.

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