Biomedical Research Program Trains Students as Scientists

Chandler-Gilbert Community College Biomedical Research Technology student Annie Hubbard is learning about DNA fingerprinting, genetics and forensic microscopy in preparation for entering medical school in a few years.

“One of the things I like best about the program is that we get to visit local state-of-the-art research facilities, observe their techniques, bring them back to our own labs and apply them to our own biomedical research,” Hubbard said.  “I get excited when I think about my future and how well prepared I’m going to be when I transfer to the university and then enter the medical field.”


Pushpa Ramakrishna, CGCC biology faculty, said the college’s Biomedical Research Technology program is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the field by focusing on both theory and application in lab settings, as well as knowledge of current topics in biomedical research.


“We are training and educating our students in the frontiers of biomedical technology,” Ramakrishna said. “It’s important to educate students about the unprecedented advances in biomedical sciences and technology and train them to think and be like real life scientists in the classroom.”

CGCC pre-med major Annie Hubbard is earning her Associate’s Degree in Biomedical Research Technology prior to transferring to the university.

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 Common Book CGCC Focuses on Borders

Human rights, cultural issues, and social inequality are just a few areas Chandler-Gilbert Community College students will examine over the next year as the college continues it's Common Book CGCC initiative, "Living on the Borders: Migration, Identity and Survival."

Common Book CGCC is a program in which college faculty from across all academic subject areas choose fiction and non-fiction books to incorporate into their curriculum.   In addition to in-class study, the college will host a series of events, speakers, and activities connected to this initiative.

English faculty Chris Schnick said that the “Borders” theme was chosen for its relevance to current events in the Southwest and throughout the world, and because it was a theme that faculty from across the college could connect their classes to.

"’Living on the Borders: Migration, Identity and Survival’ examines human rights, the ability for all people living in the area to flourish culturally, economic connections between people in the Southwest, the historic legacies of policies related to people living in the border region, and more,” Schnick said.

The works chosen for Common Book CGCC include Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko, Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario, Ending Slavery by Kevin Bales, and Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros.

Pictured: Author Tim Wise 

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 President's Community Advisory Council Member Profile: John Kross

Members of CGCC's President's Community Advisory Council (PCAC) provide information and ideas to the college that reflect community perspectives.

Each month, we will feature a current member of the PCAC.  This month, we are pleased to introduce John Kross, Queen Creek Town Manager.

1.  How long have you served in your current position as Queen Creek Town Manager and what are your primary duties in this position?

I have served as Queen Creek's Town Manager for over five years and have been with the Town for more than 15 years. The Town Manager position is the Chief Executive/Administrative Officer that works directly for the elected Town Council to implement their goals and objectives for the community. The primary duties of the manager include being the Council's chief policy advisor, and with the assistance of my talented 150+ employees, implement the various programs and services desired by the community.  

2.  Why do you feel it's important to serve on the President’s Advisory Council? 

I have served on the CGCC President's Community Advisory Council since my appointment five years ago. The Town of Queen Creek has a long-standing relationship with Chandler-Gilbert Community College, and many of our residents either have been or currently are, students. One of the many roles for the Town Manager is to maintain strong regional partnerships by serving as a representative on various boards, on behalf of the community, to further common goals.

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