Students, Employees Go "Into the Streets" to Serve the Community

More than 350 Chandler-Gilbert Community College students, faculty, and staff will go “Into the Streets” on Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., to make a difference in surrounding communities.


“Into the Streets” is a college project designed to provide community service opportunities and enrich the classroom experience by directly connecting that service back to the curriculum and assignments. 


Participants will provide service to more than 25 local non-profit agencies and organizations associated with education, homelessness, senior adults, youth, wildlife, and disabled services.

Alison Whiting, CGCC’s Coordinator of Service Learning said that “Into the Streets” is a college project held each spring and fall that provides community service opportunities for students and college employees, while also providing an opportunity for students to fulfill class service-learning assignments.

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 CGCC and Maricopa Community Colleges Go Smoke Free/Tobacco Free on July 1, 2012

On July 1, 2012, CGCC, along with the other nine Maricopa Community Colleges across the District, will join more than 500 other colleges and universities that have become smoke-free, tobacco-free, or both.


Maricopa Community College District Chancellor Dr. Rufus Glasper announced Maricopa BreatheEasy, a healthy-living initiative, in November 2011.


“As an educational institution, it’s our job to lead the way for the members of our community,” said Glasper. “We recognize that making our properties smoke-free and tobacco-free will mean that some employees and students will have to change their habits, and we want to help them do so.”  

Among other things, the District will provide a robust schedule of smoking cessation programs as well as working with college bookstores to ensure that nicotine gum and lozenges will be available for sale to help students, employees and visitors who are fighting nicotine cravings.


Glasper said the District is announced the policy change well in advance of its implementation to give students and employees who use tobacco products plenty of time to decide how to adjust to this change. On July 1, 2012, employees and students who continue to use tobacco will have the choice of not using it on District property, or taking breaks off-property.


As part of the BreatheEasy initiative, the District unveiled new web pages that contain information on tobacco use and smoking cessation for students and employees  -  

For more information about BreatheEasy at CGCC, contact Trish Niemann at



 President's Community Advisory Council Member Profile: Dr. Walter Delecki

Members of CGCC's President's Community Advisory Council (PCAC) provide information and ideas to the college that reflect community perspectives.

Each month, we will feature a current member of the PCAC.  This month, we are pleased to introduce Dr. Walter Delecki, Clinical Professor at Northern Arizona University.

Q.  How long have you served in your current position as a Clinical Professor at Northern Arizona University?   A. I first taught for NAU in 1986. I've been a full clinical professor since 2001. I teach masters and doctoral level classes in Leadership and I teach both K-12 and Community College and Higher Education students. I also chair the Doctoral Steering Committee, Doctoral Application Committee, and am currently chairing the CC/HE Faculty Search Committee, as well as serving on 10 dissertation committees.   Q.  How long have you served on the CGCC President's Community Advisory Council and why do you feel it's important to serve on this Council?   A. I can't remember when I didn't serve on this committee. I have worked with all three CGCC presidents - Arnette Ward, Dr. Maria Hesse, and now Dr. Linda Lujan. This committee is valuable because it brings together all of the various individuals and groups that make up our community, allowing for conversations between the college and community stakeholders about ways the college can best serve the East Valley.     Click for full story  
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