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CGCC Campaign Priorities


Achieving A College Education (ACE)

Arizona’s goal is to increase the college-going and degree-completion rates of all students. Among them are the socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students who often can’t see a way to achieve a college education. Chandler-Gilbert, along with other Maricopa Community Colleges, provides a highly successful program for these students called Achieving a College Education (ACE), which provides resources for academically qualified high school students to take intensive summer classes as well as Saturday classes during the academic year to earn college credits leading towards a baccalaureate degree. To continue to support the growing numbers of students eligible for the ACE program, CGCC is seeking $400,000 to provide scholarships, books, supplies, and incidentals for fifty students per year for four years. Alternatively individuals can sponsor one student per year for $2,000.

Expand Allied Health Programs to Serve the East Valley

Arizona and Maricopa County have increasing need for skilled allied health professionals. In response to changing community needs, the Southeast Valley is increasingly looking to Chandler-Gilbert to expand its allied health training for a variety of professions such as respiratory therapist, radiology technicians, occupation and physical therapy assistants, and others. Students and their families are also seeking programs that lead to careers in the allied health fields. These are cost-intensive programs to start, yet CGCC is committed to meeting community needs. To support the expansion of programming, CGCC is seeking $600,000 in funds, equipment donations, and/or faculty-on-loan to complete a needs assessment, develop appropriate programs, and provide equipment and supplies as well as health-care scholarships for students and state-of-the-art professional development for faculty. S

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Equipment

To meet Arizona’s goal of increasing graduates from STEM programs, Chandler-Gilbert provides a number of very successful university transfer and workforce development programs. In order to provide students with the most current and relevant learning experiences possible, the equipment and technology used in STEM classrooms and labs must be continuously upgraded and replaced. Additionally, faculty must maintain their currency in new technologies in order to provide high-quality learning experiences for students. CGCC is seeking $500,000 in funds, equipment, and/or externships for faculty to provide/upgrade STEM learning environments to meet the needs of students and the community.

Build Endowed Scholarships

Of the 20,000 students who attend Chandler-Gilbert, fifty-eight percent (58%) receive some form of financial aid and/or scholarships to supplement their contribution to the cost of higher education. The unmet need for additional financial support for students continues to grow and each year there are students who leave because of the increased hardship of paying for their education. In order to provide additional need-based and merit-based scholarships so no student has to leave, CGCC’s goal is to build an endowed scholarship fund with the principle invested in perpetuity and the endowment income providing scholarships for years to come. CGCC is seeking contributions to fund the endowment to a level of $300,000 in the first three years. No contribution is too small.
$300,000    Direct Student Support