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 Fundraising and Development


You feel the impact of the Maricopa Community Colleges at every turn…
… the nurse caring for a loved one…
… the police officer patrolling your city streets...
… the teacher’s aide assisting your child in school…
… the highly skilled worker helping your business grow and succeed.
The Maricopa Community Colleges have long been one of the state’s leading educational resources, providing academic and training opportunities to millions.  Annually, the Colleges educate more than 250,000 students pursuing a variety of goals in a variety of fields.  Many are completing the first two years of a four-year degree while thousands of others are readying themselves for entry into the workforce through state-of-the-art career programs.
Higher education leads to opportunity and a more promising future for individuals and for the entire community.  An educated workforce weaves a critical thread through the fabric of economic development, ensuring personal growth, professional success and an improved quality of life. Without reasonable access to quality higher education, this fabric unravels, exposing a community to the threat of economic stagnation or even decline.

Your Support
By contributing to the Maricopa Community Colleges and Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, you will…
·         expand the access to – and quality of – a college education, as well as increase the opportunity to graduate
·         increase the number of educated, productive, employed and engaged citizens and taxpayers
·         maintain a highly prepared and skilled workforce
·         ensure a robust economy and community where people want to live and work.
The Maricopa Community Colleges are preparing today’s workers for tomorrow’s careers and a future of contributions – economic and otherwise – to our community. After all, it truly is…
Educating Our Community. Ensuring Our Future.
Won’t you join us?