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A Friend for Conservation

Start Time:  1/23/2013 9:45 AM

End Time:  1/23/2013 11:00 AM

Location:  SC140

The Center for Civic and Global Engagement along with the Bridge to Belize program is honored to host a speaking event from such an influential conservation advocate. Dan Campbellā€™s career with The Nature Conservancy spanned nearly three decades, in which he spent his tenure in prominent positions such as the State Director of the Arizona Chapter, Country Program Director for Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica, and his latest work as the Verde River Program Director. Mr. Campbell will be highlighting his most significant accomplishments throughout his career with The Nature Conservancy. Most notably his drafting of the Arizona Heritage Fund, which has produced $400M for conservation, state parks, recreation and wildlife over the last twenty years. Mr. Campbell will also lecture on his important role as Country Program Director, in which he oversaw the creation of several national parks and marine protected areas in four countries. He also negotiated an $11.6M Tropical Forest Conservation Debt for Nature Swap between the U.S.Treasury and the government of Belize, which was the first ever bi-national sovereign debt swap for conservation. Special attention will also be given to the Bridge to Belize program, which is a Study Abroad program sponsored by CGCC. A Bridge to Belize study abroad is an experiential learning model focusing on environmental sustainability, offering students an ample opportunity to experience nature, and engage with the actual caves, rainforests, reefs, and rivers in the country that Dan Campbell will be lecturing on. The program has demonstrated that students who explore nature develop a deeper awareness of sustainability, and the ability to connect to academic concepts.