Teal & Silver Awards 2007

Chandler-Gilbert Community College collaborates with community and school partners to serve our students, and we rely on community support to achieve our goals. It is appropriate to recognize the contributions of our colleagues, partners, supporters, alumni, and community leaders in the success of our students.

The Chandler-Gilbert Community College Teal & Silver Awards Program was created to recognize the contributions of individuals who support CGCC students, employees, programs, services, and the college community.

These individuals positively impact the college by assisting with program or service improvements, supporting creative and innovative ideas, improving the quality of the college experience, supporting the delivery of instruction, providing resources or assisting with cost-saving measures, and advocating for the college in the media, with elected officials, and in the community.

Linda Horner: K-12 School Colleague

Linda Horner, Principal of the Imagine Charter Elementary and Middle School at West Gilbert, remains an important source of support for the Teacher Education Program at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. As a result of Linda's leadership, CGCC students are able to not only fulfill their Service Learning commitments, but also gain positive, professionally enriching experiences that enhance classroom learning. As a direct result of her mentorship and guidance, Linda has engendered an ongoing dialogue between CGCC students and her faculty that remains a symbol of the supportive partnership between Imagine Charter and the CGCC Teacher Education Program.

Additionally, Linda actively recruits CGCC's Teacher Education students for job openings, employing current students as teaching assistants and providing them with needed experience to support their future careers in education. CGCC is grateful to Linda for her dedication and continued support.

Terry Isaacson: University Colleague

For more than 10 years, Terry Isaacson, Vice Provost of the ASU Polytechnic Campus Administrative Services Department, worked tirelessly with Chandler-Gilbert Community College and the Maricopa Community College District to create a student-friendly environment at the Williams Campus. He provided critical input during the conversion of Williams Air Force Base by finding mutually-beneficial solutions to common problems, including parking, road maintenance, and facilities-use agreements. Terry has acted as an informal liaison between the ASU Polytechnic Campus and the CGCC Williams Campus with the goal of maximizing the benefits for the students, the colleges, and the community.

Although Terry is now retired, his value as a CGCC resource will extend for many years to come. His efforts to improve economic development, as well as his work to ensure that the campus environment was included in the City of Mesa utility improvement bonds symbolize just a small portion of the overall commitment he has made to CGCC at the Williams Campus. CGCC offers heartfelt thanks to Terry Isaacson for his role in enhancing student and community life at CGCC's Williams Campus.

Georgia McGuire: Community College Colleague

Georgia McGuire, Administrative Secretary III in the Nursing Division at Gateway Community College, has been a continuous source of support for the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Nursing program.

Georgia recently spent many months mentoring and guiding the CGCC Nursing Division through the addition of a Banner Fellows program which began in March 2007, going so far as to create a training CD to help get CGCC's program up and running. In addition, she shares not only the necessary information about what is required of a Nursing program by various state and national agencies, but also offers her years of experience and insight on a regular basis.

With a smile and the kindest of words, Georgia consistently goes the extra mile, and as a result she has helped to advance the progress and reduce the learning curve of CGCC's fledgling Nursing program. Georgia's guidance and unwavering support make her an outstanding Community College Colleague to CGCC.

Wesley Delbridge, RD: Business and Industry Partner

Food & Nutrition Supervisor of Chandler Unified School District No. 80., Wesley Delbridge, RD, has been integral in the exceptional training of Chandler-Gilbert Community College Dietetic Technology students. For the past several years, he has supported CGCC's Dietetic Technology program by welcoming students into his facility to meet their required hours for the Food Service Management practicum class. As a direct result of his professionalism and expertise, CGCC students have gone on to pass the registration examination administered by the American Dietetic Association to be a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR).

Wesley has also provided opportunities for CGCC students to provide community nutrition education to other students who participate in the Chandler Unified School District's summer programming. In addition, he offers valuable insight each semester for students interested in pursuing a career in food service by speaking to the college's Introduction to Professions in Nutrition and Dietetics class. CGCC is deeply appreciative to Wesley Delbridge, RD, for his exceptional commitment to CGCC's Dietetic Technology program.

W. Scott Anderson: Community Organization Partner

As the Director of The Riparian Institute in Gilbert, Scott Anderson has not only worked extensively with the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Biology Department, but has provided individualized support and service opportunities for our students.

During the past 11 years, CGCC students have completed more than 500 hours of service due in large part to Scott's efforts. He always displays an eagerness to support CGCC, whether it was working with students to help plant more than 800 trees as part of a service learning grant in 1995, giving bird tours for Biology students, or organizing activities in which CGCC Biology students have the opportunity to mentor children from local schools.

His work has advanced the college's Biology Department and its service learning programs, and facilitated opportunities for students to succeed outside of the classroom environment. Scott's long-standing dedication to CCGC and our students make him an outstanding Community Organization Partner.

Glenna McCollum-Cloud and Dianne Welling: Scholarship Donor

Glenna McCollum-Cloud and Dianne Welling serve as Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director of the Chandler Education Foundation, which has been in existence for more than 20 years.

The Chandler Education Foundation has a unique scholarship program for students in the Chandler Unified School District called "VISION: CollegeBound." This program requires a commitment from students throughout their high school career that encompasses not only academics, but also attendance in class and community service. If students follow through, they are rewarded with scholarship funds to attend college.

Through the Chandler Education Foundation, Chandler-Gilbert Community College has awarded $405,858 in scholarships over the past seven years. CGCC would like to thank the Chandler Education Foundation for helping our local students achieve their dream of a higher education, and we are deeply appreciative of the on-going work of Glenna McCollum-Cloud and Dianne Welling in facilitating this program.

George Varga: Advisory Council Member

George Varga, Owner/President of Varga Enterprises, has been instrumental in the development and ongoing success of the Aviation Division at Chandler-Gilbert Community College since its inception.

A member of CGCC's Aviation Advisory Council, George has actively participated in the college's annual Aviation Symposium. He works to help with student career placement before and after graduation, as well as providing support with lab teaching aid donations, all in an effort to improve the educational and professional advancements of the CGCC Aviation Division, and its students and faculty. He remains a strong supporter of high school outreach and continues to work tirelessly with CGCC to initiate communication with the community's youth.

The success of the college's Aviation programs would not be possible without his dedication and commitment. CGCC thanks George Varga for his continued service to the college and our students.

Alberto Carbajal: Alumni

Chandler-Gilbert Community College alumni Alberto Carbajal was a proactive student who showed exceptional potential as a re-entry student when he transferred into the college's aviation program from out-of-state in 2000. In August 2001, Alberto graduated from CGCC with a Certificate in Powerplant, a Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance, and a Certificate in Airframe Maintenance.

Upon graduation, Alberto was recruited to work for Mesa Airlines as an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, where he worked for one year until accepting a position to work at Cessna Aircraft Company. While working for Cessna, Alberto advanced quickly from Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, to aircraft inspector, to his current position as an international field service engineer, a position that entails providing technical and engineering support throughout Latin America. In addition, Alberto obtained his private pilot's license while with Cessna Aircraft Company.

In the years since his graduation, Alberto has continued to support CGCC by participating in the college's annual Aviation Symposium and by staying in touch with the college's faculty, advisors, and staff. Alberto's success in both his educational and professional endeavors makes him an outstanding alumni.

F. Rockne 'Roc' Arnett: Community Leader

President and CEO of the East Valley Partnership, Roc Arnett, has been a vocal and tireless advocate for Chandler-Gilbert Community College and the Maricopa Community College system, increasing public awareness of our role in the Southeast Valley.

Roc has long been involved in community service with organizations such as the Rotary and Boys Scouts, and he now serves on the CGCC President's Community Advisory Council. He served on the State Transportation Board and the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Regional Council, and he brings all of those experiences, as well as his extensive network of relationships, to bear on the college's behalf.

He involved the college actively in the Urban Land Institute study of the Williams Gateway area. He has advocated for the needs of current and future students with elected officials and community leaders as they plan for developing areas of the Southeast Valley. Roc invites college employees to be involved in and present at a variety of community meetings to make sure that higher education is considered as a vital element of community and economic development.

CGCC values Roc's advocacy of the college and looks forward to continuing our strong working relationship with East Valley Partnership and him in the years ahead.