Teal & Silver Awards 2008

The Chandler-Gilbert Community College Teal & Silver Awards Program was created to recognize the contributions of individuals who support CGCC students, employees, programs, services, and the college community.

These individuals positively impact the college by assisting with program or service improvements, supporting creative and innovative ideas, improving the quality of the college experience, supporting the delivery of instruction, providing resources or assisting with cost-saving measures, and advocating for the college in the media, with elected officials, and in the community.

David Christensen: K-12 School Colleague

David Christensen As principal of Longfellow Elementary School in Mesa, David Christensen has been an important source of support for the Teacher Education Program at CGCC. David and his faculty have consistently mentored CGCC Education students and allowed them to complete their required service-learning hours on the Longfellow campus for the past six years.

Since the Teacher Education program began its partnership with Longfellow Elementary in 2002, David has been supportive of the needs of both CGCC students and faculty, and is always enthusiastic about working with CGCC education students. He is very active in solving any placement issues that may arise, taking the lead in many situations to make sure that CGCC students have the best possible service-learning experience.

Consistently, students placed at Longfellow Elementary have positive, professionally enriching experiences, which directly enhance their learning. Students note that David's active involvement and personal interest in their learning experience has a direct and positive impact. His leadership and enthusiasm are what make the service-learning component of CGCC's Teacher Education Program such a success.

Michele Romanoski: K-12 School Colleague

Michele Romanoski is a school nurse with the School Home Adjustment Reinforcement Program (SHARP), a special school for children with behavioral issues through the Mesa Public School District. Last fall she spent one to two days per week with 40 CGCC nursing students, providing them with valuable learning experiences as they began their clinical

Nursing students have reported that Michele is a wonderful role model, treating each and every child as "special" in a positive way. She demonstrated knowledge and competence, and gave individualized care to each child who came to her health office. She encouraged autonomy, initiative, and responsibility in CGCC nursing students and gave positive feedback on their successes.

Students were appreciative of the time she spent with them and were impressed with how effectively she interacted with some of her more challenging children. Michele Romanoski's willingness to support the college's Nursing Program by taking time out of her schedule to help teach and mentor students provided an essential component of nursing education to CGCC students and makes her an invaluable K-12 partner.

Dr. Al McHenry: University Colleague

Dr. Al McHenry Dr. Al McHenry was a driving force in the establishment of ASU at the Polytechnic campus since its inception. As Dean of the College of Technology and Innovation, he worked closely with CGCC faculty and administrators on pathways for student transfer and myriad issues related to the university and community college co-location at the Williams Campus. When he was appointed as a university Vice President and the Executive Vice Provost of the Polytechnic Campus, he continued to meet regularly with CGCC administrators to discuss and resolve issues of common concern.

Although the nature of the partnership with ASU Polytechnic has changed over the years, Al's sense of respect, collegiality, and collaboration with CGCC faculty and staff has remained constant. He speaks highly of the community college system and of CGCC within the university community and in the numerous East Valley organizations of which he is an integral part.

As Al prepares for retirement, CGCC is grateful to him for his dedication and support.

Linda B. Rosenthal: Community College Colleague

Linda B. Rosenthal Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board member Linda Rosenthal has served MCCCD for the past 29 years and has been a key figure in advancing the mission of the District throughout that time.

During her service to MCCCD, Linda served as Governing Board President for six terms and was instrumental in implementing and sustaining both the Diversity Advisory Council and the Women's Leadership Group. She promotes an inclusive and respectful environment for students and employees, and is held in high regard by all who work with her and for her.

Although busy with 10 Maricopa Colleges, Linda has made time for significant involvement at CGCC, including speaking at employee meetings, addressing professional staff, participating in college-related discussions, and attending college events. Linda's advocacy for the importance of education in the lives of students and the community is reflected in her tireless efforts on behalf of the citizens of Maricopa County. She has been an outstanding leader who helped build one of the most extraordinary community college systems in the United States.

CGCC is honored to name Linda Rosenthal as our 2008 Community College Colleague.

Richard Cook: Technology Partner

Richard Cook Richard Cook, Regional Sales representative with IT Partners, has worked with CGCC for the past several years in helping to advance the college's technology initiative.

IT Partners recently worked with CGCC to plan, design, and implement key initiatives related to disaster recovery and server consolidation. For the project, IT Partners employed a consulting team with extensive higher education experience, which enabled the project to be completed ahead of schedule with outcomes that exceeded the college's expectations. IT Partners was able to bring their experience in specific technologies for storage and server consolidation and broaden the scope of our plans to focus on disaster recovery and business continuity planning. As a result of their work, the college has not only transformed its server and storage architecture, but together developed a road map for current and future disaster recovery preparations.

CGCC thanks Richard Cook for his professionalism and commitment and looks forward to continuing our partnership with IT Partners as we further our technology initiatives.

Christine Oliviero: Community Organization Partner

Christine Oliviero Christine Oliviero, volunteer coordinator for Paz de Cristo Community Center, has worked with CGCC's service-learning program since fall 2006. During this time, she has helped college faculty integrate service at Paz de Cristo into their curriculum, facilitated service projects for students participating in "Into the Streets," and gone out of her way to make sure that students have a positive, meaningful service experience.

More recently, Christine worked with CGCC faculty Chris Schnick and Paul Petrequin to plan a class project for their history and English learning community. By working closely with her, the faculty were able to plan five visits to Paz de Cristo,including a tour for the entire class and four work dates during which students served dinner and handed out food boxes. Christine made the process seamless by organizing each day of service and providing faculty with an overview of what would happen, enabling them to prepare students for their service. She also personally monitored each day of service to make sure the project went smoothly.

Christine Oliviero's continued support of CGCC's service-learning program makes her an invaluable partner to the college and our student

Dr. George R. Best: Donor

Scottsdale physician, Dr. George Best, provided CGCC aviation students new learning opportunities thanks to his donation of a Glastar single-engine airplane. The airplane has been used to enhance all aspects of the college's Aviation program, by assisting students studying aircraft structure, powerplant, avionics, and assembly and rigging.

Built by Dr. Best, the aircraft came with a unique feature, called an Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS), which combines the full functionality of 10 instruments vital to the small aircraft. This state-of-the-art equipment enables students to work on equipment that is used every day in the industry, giving them real-world experience that otherwise would not be available.

CGCC is grateful to Dr. George Best for his generous donation and for helping to enhance the education of the college's aviation students.

Dr. James Tuggle: Donor

Dr. James Tuggle of Scottsdale recently donated a 1951 Beech Bonanza airplane to the CGCC Aviation Division, which will add diversity to the type of aircraft CGCC students have the opportunity to work on, thus broadening their educational experience.

The addition of the Beech Bonanza to the college's Aviation program will afford students the chance to work on propeller controls, landing gear, and other equipment not previously available. Dr. Tuggle's donation will not only help in the further development of CGCC's Aviation Division, but will enable every student in the program to gain a better understanding of theory, operation, and functionality pertaining to the airplane's systems.

CGCC appreciates Dr. James Tuggle for his generous donation and for helping to aid in the education of the college's aviation students.

Lacy Greer: Advisory Council Member

Lacy Greer Lacy Greer, Apprenticeship Administrator for Salt River Project (SRP), has championed and supported the CGCC Electric Utility Technology (EUT) program for the past five years. He leads the effort in bringing together both local electric providers, SRP and Arizona Public Service (APS), to provide continued support for the EUT program.

Under Lacy's leadership, SRP's contributions over the years have resulted in obtaining critical equipment necessary for the training of students - including line poles, transformers, wire, hardware, and tools. He has also been instrumental in supplying material and manpower to assist with CGCC's annual Lineman's Competition, as well as scholarship monies through SRP's scholarship program, targeted specifically for the CGCC EUT program.

Lacy also serves on the college's EUT Advisory Board, providing excellent vision and leadership to enhance and expand the EUT program. CGCC thanks Lacy Greer for his continued service to the college and our students.

Jose Ochoa: Alumni

Jose Ochoa Jose Ochoa moved to Chandler, Arizona from Mexico when he was in junior high school. After graduating from Chandler High School in 1990, Jose attended CGCC where he was actively involved in the Hispanic Student Organization, helping to raise money for Hispanic student scholarships. He also worked in the CGCC Media Department and helped produce the "Commitment to Service" and "Creating Community in a Changing World" videos, which have been circulated to colleges nationwide.

After receiving a scholarship from ABC15's parent company, E.W. Scripps, and completing an internship at ABC15, Jose graduated from ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunications in 1995 and went to work at ABC15 as a Studio Technician.

In his 13 years at KNXV's ABC15, Jose has been consistently promoted, today serving as the Executive Producer of On-Air Promotions. He has received 14 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, as well as five gold and four silver Promax Awards for marketing excellence.

CGCC recognizes Jose Ochoa as an exemplary role model and takes great pride in being able to name him the 2008 CGCC Alumni of the Year.

Andy Goulder: Business & Industry Partner

Andy Goulder, owner of E.F. Charles Electric, played a crucial role in the lighting of CGCC's baseball field, which has had a positive impact on both the college and the community.

During the construction phase of installing the lights, Andy was a key member of the volunteer team. He led multiple meetings at the college with all of the companies involved in constructing and installing the lights. He was integral in problem solving and bridging the gap between engineers, baseball coaches, the head athletic groundskeeper, and the college's athletic director. Andy not only donated services and money to the completion of the project, but hours of time, energy, and expertise.

As the parent of a CGCC baseball player, Andy has a personal connection with the college as well, and realized the many benefits of lighting the college's ball fields, including expanding scheduling opportunities and allowing the college the opportunity to play host for instructional camps, tournaments, and youth programs year round.

Andy Goulder's commitment to and support of the college's athletic program will continue to have a positive impact on CGCC student-athletes for many years to come.

Becky Jackson: Community Leader

Becky Jackson During the past five years Becky Jackson has led the Chandler Chamber of Commerce to new heights as its President and CEO. In addition to doubling the chamber membership, she instituted new programs and services, several of which have had significant benefits for CGCC faculty, staff, and students.

Becky created the CEO (Creating Educational Opportunities) mentoring program, which pairs local business executives with high school, community college, and university students for a semester-long program. CGCC students have been the beneficiaries of extraordinary opportunities as a result of that program. She founded the Chandler Chamber's non-profit foundation, which, among other efforts, annually presents scholarships to deserving CGCC

Becky regularly gives of her time and talents to the college. She has served as a member of the CGCC President's Community Advisory Council (PCAC) for five years. Although she is leaving the Chandler Chamber this spring to become the Executive Director of the Desert Southwest Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, she has agreed to continue to serve the college on the PCAC.

CGCC is deeply appreciative to Becky Jackson for her exceptional commitment to both the community and to CGCC.