Teal & Silver Awards 2009

The Chandler-Gilbert Community College Teal & Silver Awards Program was created to recognize the contributions of individuals who support CGCC students, employees, programs, services, and the college community.

These individuals positively impact the college by assisting with program or service improvements, supporting creative and innovative ideas, improving the quality of the college experience, supporting the delivery of instruction, providing resources or assisting with cost-saving measures, and advocating for the college in the media, with elected officials, and in the community.

Ann Padilla, Gilbert Public School District: K-12 School Colleague

Ann Padilla As Coordinator of Secondary Special Education Programs in the Gilbert Public School District, Ann
Padilla has been an important source of support for the Teacher Education Program at Chandler-Gilbert
Community College. For the past three years, Ann has mentored and facilitated the placement of CGCC
Education students and allowed them to complete their required service-learning hours in Gilbert Public Schools.

Since the Teacher Education Program began its partnership with Ann and her special education faculty
in 2006, Ann has created hands-on learning apprenticeships from teaching professionals for CGCC
students that bridge the gap from the theory of their college courses to practice in a live classroom. She is very active in solving any placement issues that arise and in meeting the requests of CGCC students and faculty.

Consistently, students placed in the special education program in Gilbert Public Schools have positive, professionally-enriching experiences that directly enhance their learning. Her leadership and enthusiasm are what make the service-learning component of CGCC's Teacher Education Program such a success.

Andrea Scherrer, Mesquite High School and Geri Daniels, Chandler High School: K-12 School Colleagues

Andrea Scherrer Andrea Scherrer and Geri Daniels have been key players in the Chandler-Gilbert Community College
ACE Plus Academic Program since its inception in 2003. As high school counselors for Mesquite High
School and Chandler High School respectively, they promote ACE Plus to their students in a variety of
innovative ways. They dynamically arrange information sessions for their students and summarize key
points to help them fully understand the program's educational opportunity.

Andrea and Geri are the pioneers behind the success of CGCC's ACE Plus and Hoop of Learning high
school recruitment programs. They have acted as wonderful liaisons by calling students when necessary
and providing high school reports that ultimately lead to a high retention of students in the program.

With the growing population of ACE, Andrea and Geri continue to show tremendous leadership and
flexibility in meeting new challenges, while still balancing their work as high school counselors and
adjunct faculty at CGCC as well. Their support of CGCC's Early Outreach Programs makes them both
invaluable K-12 partners.

Ellen Nymark, Northern Arizona University: University Colleague

Ellen Nymark When NAU opened its office on Chandler-Gilbert Community College's Pecos Campus in December
2004, both institutions were fortunate that Ellen Nymark was a key player in the start-up of the program.

Ellen has been the coordinator of the NAU/CGCC partnership since its inception, helping to offer CGCC
students and community members interested in continuing their education local access to NAU's degree
programs. NAU's Elementary Education program, which allows Elementary Education majors to complete the first two years of study at CGCC and then transfer to NAU to complete the last two years of coursework, has thrived under Ellen's leadership. More recently, Ellen helped launch NAU's 90/30 program, which allows CGCC students to take their first 90 college credits at CGCC and their final 30 credits through NAU - all without leaving the Pecos Campus.

Ellen has always extended herself to CGCC students, helping as many as she can make the transition
from the community college to the university. CGCC considers it a privilege to have her located on the college's Pecos Campus as part of CGCC's extended family.

Dr. Karen Poole, MCCCD Center for Workforce Development: Community College Colleague

Dr. Karen Poole For the past three years, Dr. Karen Poole has served as an Associate Director within the Maricopa
County Community College District's Center for Workforce Development. During her service to MCCCD,
she has consistently strived to achieve a mindset of "One Maricopa" across the district while working with a diverse group of partners throughout Maricopa County, including Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

Through the Mature Workforce Initiatives, Karen has extended her role from MCCCD Workforce
Development to CGCC's offices of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, Career and
Placement Services, and the Sun Lakes Center.

Under her guidance and expertise, CGCC continues to serve as a role model to enhance workforce
opportunities, build on the reputation of the college's Career and Placement Services Center, and utilize the Sun Lakes Center to offer training opportunities for age 50+ workers. Karen also collaborates with CGCC managers to support MCCCD's ongoing effort of delivering new skill sets to the re-careering adult.

CGCC is honored to name Dr. Karen Poole as our 2009 Community College Colleague.

Jan Lorant and Gabor Lorant Architects: Business and Industry Partner

Jan Lorant and Gabor Lorant Architects Jan Lorant, Principal of Gabor Lorant Architects, has been closely involved with planning and
development at Chandler-Gilbert Community College for the past eight years. He created the 2002
College Master Plan update and the 2006 Williams Master Plan update. In addition, Jan designed the
Central Plant building, the Baylor Hall remodel, and the north parking lot, all for the Williams Campus, and he designed Jacaranda Hall I & II for the Pecos Campus.

Jan was especially critical in the recent design and construction of Engel Hall at the Williams Campus. During the early design phases, cost estimates continued to come in much higher than expected. Rather than accept those estimates, Jan found subcontractors who submitted significantly better pricing, saving CGCC nearly $1 million.

Armed with a strong understanding of CGCC's mission and values, as well as knowledge of the existing
facilities, Jan has been able to propose changes that enhance CGCC's campus designs and service to

CGCC is grateful for Jan's continued investment of his professional skills and personal interests in the long-term development of CGCC.

Ian Pitts and Syn-Apps LLC: Technology Partner

Ian Pitts and Syn-Apps LLC Ian Pitts, President and CEO of Syn-Apps LLC, has been a vital partner and contributor to Chandler-
Gilbert Community College and its adoption of an emergency preparedness initiative to develop
communication protocols, technology tools, and a crisis plan as a proactive measure to increase safety and improve communications in the event of an emergency.

Ian and Syn-Apps have helped successfully implement CGCC's strategy of adopting a multi-channel
suite of products that provides redundancy and fault tolerance. Ian promoted the value of assimilating third party emergency products to work together as a cohesive emergency communication solution, and he initiated contacts with key individuals from other companies to sell the value of integrating their products together for the benefit of a comprehensive solution for the customer.

As a direct result of his tireless efforts, CGCC is considered an exemplary model for the implementation of a multi-modal emergency communications solution. CGCC takes great pride in naming Ian Pitts and Syn-Apps LLC our 2009 Technology Partner.

Kayla Kolar and the Gilbert Historical Museum: Community Organization Partner

Kayla Kolar and the Gilbert Historical Museum Kayla Kolar, Executive Director of the Gilbert Historical Museum, has played an instrumental role in a number of service-learning projects at CGCC. Kayla has worked hard to tailor CGCC students' academic needs to specific tasks at the museum and help them fulfill their service-learning goals.

Kayla has designed service projects for CGCC students, such as creating educational materials for
children, providing customer service for patrons, planning outreach events, and helping develop the
museum's database. She has also helped make oral history projects a success for history students at

In spring 2008, Kayla partnered with CGCC faculty Dr. Kim Chuppa-Cornell in designing and
implementing an oral history project. Kayla identified participants who students could interview,
volunteered to coordinate all of the interviews at the Gilbert Historical Museum, and located an ASU
videographer/recorder to tape the oral histories. Kayla's dedication, time, and professionalism took the project to exciting new heights.

Kayla Kolar's continued support of CGCC's service-learning programs makes her an invaluable partner
to the college and our students.

Kathy Langdon, Gilbert Chamber of Commerce: Advisory Council Member

Kathy Langdon Kathy Langdon, President and CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, has been a member of
Chandler-Gilbert Community College's President's Community Advisory Council since 2002. During
the past several years, she has set the pace for advisory council members by finding ways to deepen
connections between the college and the community. The Gilbert Chamber created a position on its
board for a CGCC liaison, allowing the college to provide updates about programs and progress. The
college is often invited to participate in the Chamber's special events, such as the Celebrity Waiter
Dinner, the East Valley Business Expo, ribbon-cuttings, Gilbert Now Luncheons, and candidate forums.

This past year, Kathy invited the college to become involved in the annual Gilbert Community Excellence Awards. Each year our college is able to publically honor a faculty member and staff member of the year with recognition in town publications and at the celebration dinner.

Kathy also serves on many boards, including the Gilbert Economic Development Advisory Board and on
the CHW East Valley Hospitals Board. CGCC appreciates that she understands and promotes the role
of the community college in economic and community development, and we are proud to present her
with a 2009 Teal and Silver Award.

Francisco (Frankie) Montiel, Town of Guadalupe: Alumni

Francisco (Frankie) Montiel Frankie Montiel, a member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and the Mayor of Guadalupe, graduated from
Chandler-Gilbert Community College with an Associate of General Studies Degree in 2003. Frankie
played baseball at CGCC and transferred to Southeast Missouri State University on a baseball
scholarship, where he earned Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Week and All Tournament Honors
multiple times before graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts in 2005.

After graduating from Southeast Missouri State University, Frankie played professional baseball with
the Mesa Miners, affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, before becoming the Education Community Liaison
at Marcos De Niza High School in Tempe and a Pascua Yaqui Tribe Parent Advocate. In 2006, Frankie
was elected as a Town of Guadalupe General Council Member, then appointed by his fellow Council
Members as Vice Mayor. When the Mayor of Guadalupe stepped down, Frankie served as Interim Mayor
before being officially appointed as Mayor in September 2008. Frankie also serves Guadalupe as the
Education Manager for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, overseeing the K-12 Program and the Higher Education
Scholarship Program.

Frankie's devotion to his culture, community, and family is evident in his professional and personal life. He is an exemplary role model for many, and an outstanding CGCC alumni.

Sue Sossaman: Community Leader

Sue Sossaman Sue Sossaman's name appears frequently in the history of Chandler-Gilbert Community College. She
was a member of the original task force assembled in 1984 to examine the need for a community
college in the Southeast Valley. Sue chaired the Community and Cultural Services subcommittee and
advocated for the college to provide comprehensive academic, university transfer, and cultural programs, when others asked that programs be limited to vocational/technical offerings. In 1986, Sue chaired the community advisory group that ultimately chose the name Chandler-Gilbert Community College and worked with the founding Provost and President Arnette Ward to help plan for the future development of the college.

Throughout more than 20 years, she has continued to serve on the President's Community Advisory
Council, while contributing to Southeast Valley communities in countless other ways. Sue has served
numerous non-profit organizations, including the Chandler Service Club, the Junior Women's Club,
Human Action for Chandler, the Chandler Regional Hospital Board, the San Tan Historical Society, and
Chandler United Methodist Church. Her contributions, along with her husband Jamie, have been noted
for decades as influential in the development of the Southeast Valley communities. CGCC thanks Sue
for her passionate and tireless dedication to so many.