Teal and Silver


 Teal & Silver Awards 2012

The Chandler-Gilbert Community College Teal & Silver Awards Program was created to recognize the contributions of individuals who support CGCC students, employees, programs, services, and the college community.
These individuals positively impact the college by assisting with program or service improvements, supporting creative and innovative ideas, improving the quality of the college experience, supporting the delivery of instruction, providing resources or assisting with cost-saving measures, and advocating for the college in the media, with elected officials, and in the community.

 Ginny Foltz: Alumnus

Ginny FoltzChandler-Gilbert Community College alumnus Ginny Foltz was a proactive student who showed great potential and always put an exceptional amount of effort into her studies while attending CGCC.

While attending CGCC and ASU, she went to work for her CGCC accounting instructor Sidney Ford for nine years, helping to run his company by doing bookkeeping, payroll, company audits, and more. Upon graduating from ASU, Ginny went to work for a prestigious local CPA firm, and partnered with her company president and the college to allow young CPA’s to guest lecture in CGCC classes.

Ginny now serves as the Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the ASU Foundation, leading a financial office that supports the cultivation and development activities of the ASU Foundation and the university by providing a wide range of financial services. Under her leadership, the office collaborates closely with units across the foundation and university to provide the infrastructure that enables others to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

In the years since her graduation, Ginny has continued to support CGCC by serving as a guest speaker in various classes and by staying in touch with the college’s faculty and staff. Ginny’s success in both her educational and professional endeavors makes her an outstanding 2012 Teal & Silver alumnus.

 Frank Pezzorello: Advisory Council Member

Frank Pezzorello, General Manager and life member of the Chandler Compadres, has been a dedicated supporter of Chandler-Gilbert Community College for more than 20 years.

As a member of the Chandler-Gilbert Community College President’s Community Advisory Council (PCAC) for the past 12 years, Frank has provided a “community voice” for CGCC, helping to shape the strategic direction of the college.  In 2004, Frank networked with key East Valley leaders to gain support for the passage of the $951 million Maricopa bond referendum -- $83 million of which was designated to CGCC.  For the past two years, Frank has served as the PCAC chair, making a significant difference by creating working committees that can better serve the college’s needs.  More importantly, he is in the process of creating and will lead a PCAC emeriti group, which will include community members who have been involved with the college for more than 20 years.   Frank has also assisted each year with the college’s Champagne, Chocolate & All that Jazz Student Scholarship fundraiser by obtaining sponsors, silent auction prizes, and recruiting attendance from key community members.

CGCC is deeply appreciative of Frank’s continued efforts, guidance, and leadership, and is proud to name him as the 2012 Teal & Silver Advisory Council Member.

 Orbital Sciences Corporation – Camille Cisek and Rick Kettner: Donor

The on-going partnership between Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Orbital Sciences Corporation has resulted in tremendous benefits for CGCC students and the college.

Under the direction of Camille Cisek, Vice President of Business Operations, Orbital served as a Silver sponsor for the 2012 Champagne, Chocolate & All that Jazz Student Scholarship fundraiser, helping many of our students to achieve their educational dreams.  In addition, Orbital has been a strong advocate of the college’s Engineering program. Rick Kettner, Senior Director of Engineering, has been instrumental in promoting CGCC’s engineering program and has worked with colleagues to hire CGCC Engineering students for summer internships in 2012.  In meetings with several senior Orbital Sciences partners, they have expressed their desire to continue to hire CGCC engineering students and develop their workforce locally for Orbital’s Chandler and Gilbert plants. Through KettnerRick’s participation on the President’s Community Advisory Council, he learned of our need for day time adjunct engineering faculty members and is currently leading the charge within Orbital to identify engineers who will be released during the day to teach engineering courses at CGCC in the upcoming year.  It is this exchange – a true partnership – that brings the knowledge and experience of the engineering field to our classrooms and provides scholarship and employment opportunities directly to our students and our community’s future engineers.

CGCC is deeply appreciative of the generous contributions of Orbital Sciences Corporation, which have positively impacted the lives of many of our students, and we realize this would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of Camille Cisek and Rick Kettner.

 Chartwells - John Garrard: Vendor

The Coyote Cafe at Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s Pecos Campus, facilitated by Chartwells, has been CGCC’s food service vendor for the past two years.  Managed by John Garrard, Chartwells has done an excellent job of providing a variety of delicious and healthy food choices for students and employees.

Whether it’s responding to menu suggestions, establishing unique partnerships with departments to make events a win-win situation for all, or coming up with creative catering suggestions to ensure great meetings or workshops, John and his staff consistently go out of their way to work with students and employees at CGCC.  John is always budget-conscious, yet still manages to provide the most appealing food items at a cost effective price.  He and his outstanding staff are always willing to come in early and leave late if an opportunity to serve students or help employees arises.  Their friendly demeanor is apparent to all who visit the Coyote Cafe.

CGCC thanks our 2012 Teal & Silver Vendor, Chartwells, John Garrard, and his staff for always going above and beyond in their commitment to CGCC students and employees.

 Dr. Mitzi Montoya: University Colleague

Dr. Mitzi Montoya is a fairly new resident to Arizona, yet during her short time here, she has already proven to be a key partner in advancing higher education and providing transfer opportunities for Chandler-Gilbert Community College students.
As Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Technology and Innovation for Arizona State University, she leads curricular and pedagogical changes at ASU Polytechnic that mirror the active, engaged, project-based learning that has always been a hallmark at CGCC.  Additionally, she has led numerous activities to increase the transfer pathways and opportunities for community college students into the programs at ASU Polytechnic.  As a collaborative educational team member participating in the Partners in Progress project with the Gilbert Chamber, Dr. Montoya helps provide a united educational spectrum for the business members within Gilbert and surrounding communities.  We appreciate that Dr. Montoya is an advocate for continuing education and seeks ways to enhance both of our institutions to our mutual benefit.  In the STEM fields, Dr. Montoya has brought together faculty members and other partners to identify pathways for our students in Airways Flight Sciences, Engineering, and Business to name a few.  Finally, we appreciate her leadership and work in the STEM fields in which she serves as a compelling role model to the CGCC community and to the CGCC women students who seek to achieve success and excel in STEM careers.

CGCC is proud to call Dr. Mitzi Montoya a university friend and colleague and is delighted to honor her as our 2012 Teal & Silver University Colleague.

 Mary O’Connor: Community College Colleague

Mary O’Connor is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation.  The Foundation provides scholarships to more than 3,000 students each year at the 10 community colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District system.

Mary has been invaluable to MCCCD and CGCC in her role at the Foundation. She has assisted CGCC by upgrading and enhancing the software tools provided by the District and has created training opportunities for college fundraising staff. Additionally, Mary has greatly increased the number of grant applications submitted by the District Foundation in support of students and programs at all 10 Maricopa Community Colleges.

Whenever any member of the CGCC Development team requests support on an initiative, Mary is always an enthusiastic collaborator who steps up to help get things done. CGCC is honored to name Mary O’Connor as our 2012 Community College Colleague.

 Brian Yee: K -12 School Colleague

As principal at Highland Junior High School, Brian Yee has been an important source of support for the Teacher Education Program at Chandler-Gilbert Community College for the past four years.
Teacher Education students must complete 20-30 hours of service learning each semester as part of their coursework. This service learning experience is a cornerstone of CGCC’s Teacher Education program and curriculum. As a result of Brian’s commitment to supporting the education of future teachers, CGCC has been able to place a large number of secondary education students each semester and build a relationship with the faculty at Highland Junior High.  CGCC students placed at Highland Junior High consistently have positive, professionally enriching experiences, which directly enhances their learning and helps bridge the gap from the theory of their college courses to practice in a live classroom.

Each semester, Brian invites CGCC’s Service Learning Placement Coordinator to his faculty meetings.  Because of this, the faculty at Highland Junior High School have come to know CGCC well, and have been willing to mentor our students in large numbers.

CGCC’s Teacher Education Program is grateful for Brian’s spirit of collaboration and willingness to apply a “hands-on” form of leadership and we are happy to honor him as our 2012 Teal & Silver K-12 School Colleague.

 Mayor John Lewis: Community Leader

YazziTown of Gilbert Mayor John Lewis is a determined advocate and supporter of the power of education across the continuum from pre-K to graduate level.

In his service on the Gilbert Town Council, Mayor Lewis has been a strong partner to CGCC, recognizing the unique contributions of community colleges both to higher education and to our community.  Mayor Lewis has been a key player in the new Partners in Progress (PIP) program led by the Town of Gilbert, the Gilbert Chamber, CGCC, and ASU.  As a service-learning opportunity for CGCC students, PIP provides invaluable linkages among business, government, and education in order to foster economic development in Gilbert.  Mayor Lewis knows the key to long-term economic development and sustainability is through improving education at all levels.

Mayor Lewis’ passion for promoting education recently led him to be invited to join a select group of Arizona mayors on Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s “Mayor’s Education Roundtable.”    His commitment to being a strong partner to education, along with his service as an adjunct faculty member within the Maricopa Community College District has made Mayor Lewis a key voice in our community.

For all these reasons and more, CGCC is proud to name Mayor John Lewis as our 2012 Teal & Silver Community Leader.

 ARC - Mike Grounds: Community Organization Partner

Mike Grounds, Chandler-Gilbert ARC Day Treatment Center Supervisor, has worked with Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s service-learning program for the past five years. During this time, he has gone out of his way to make sure that students have a positive and meaningful service experience.

For the past 5 years, CGCC Communication instructor Diane Travers has been bringing students to ARC for the Into the Streets service-learning project, as well as for her Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking classes.  During these visits, Mike has been instrumental in providing in-depth orientations and after-service briefings.  Most impressively, he is actively on-site during the students’ entire service time.  Because of his presence during these visits, students are able to engage him in discussions about communicating with adults with developmental disabilities.  Mike goes out of his way to accommodate and welcome students who need or want to perform additional service-learning hours.  He is instrumental in minimizing any awkwardness and maximizing the quality of our students’ experience.
CGCC’s 2012 Teal & Silver Community Organization Partner, ARC Day Treatment Center, is an engaging service-learning experience for students with Mike Grounds making it heart warming and life changing.

 United Food Bank - DeAnna Yazzie: Community Organization Partner

YazziChandler-Gilbert Community College service-learning has worked with DeAnna Yazzie, Volunteer Coordinator for the United Food Bank, for the past four years.  During this time, DeAnna’s impact on the service-learning program, individual students, and the community has been far-reaching and responsive.
DeAnna has been integral in service initiatives such as Into the Streets, class projects, and individual placements for CGCC students.  Each year, DeAnna accommodates more than 100 students in the one-weekend project, Into the Streets.  As part of the United Food Bank’s citrus gleaning project, DeAnna arranges for students to pick citrus for property owners in our community.  This fruit is then donated to the United Food Bank and distributed to more than 250 community partner agencies for consumption by needy families.  She has traveled to CGCC to give orientations on the weekend, provides supplies, and offers statistics to support both service and learning at the college. Her efforts in the community allow for faculty to weave service and classroom experience, and deepen the learning with community application.

DeAnna’s continued support of CGCC’s service-learning program makes her an invaluable 2012 Teal & Silver Community Organization partner to the college and our students.