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Hopes & Fears: A Conversation with Black Elders

Hopes & Fears: A Conversation with Black elders

Hopes & Fears Event Series: Conversations for healing

Hopes & Fears is Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s monthly series of conversations about and amplifying the Black experience during these turbulent times.

Join us August 25 at 6 p.m. for our live streamed discussion with Black elders. For some, the push for social justice feels new and different, but the fight has taken many forms over the years. Our beloved elders will remind us of how far we've come, where we can improve, and generate an archive that will continue to guide us into the future. Join the conversation on our YouTube and Facebook pages.

In this series, we explore the state of our nation, injustice and systematic racism, and its impact on the Black community. Designed with the goal of engaging the entire community, the evening sessions bring together the range of voices within the Black community, from the spirit of our youth to the wisdom of our elders. 

Our goal is to virtually recreate the realness of kitchen table conversations, making space where not just students, but parents, grandparents, allies, faculty and community members can have restorative conversations that reveal our hopes and move us beyond the fears.

Missed the prior sessions? 

JULY: Parents dilemma: Raising outspoken children in today’s America
When our children are young, we teach them to speak their mind, to stand up for what is right. But for Black parents, this desire comes with a heavy weight - how to balance the need for expression when marked against the reality of systemic racism and a state that is seemingly stacked against their children. Access the replay of the event here.

JUNE: A Conversation with Black Students
The first session of the series was a Conversation with Black students. The live streamed event can be accessed here.