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Suite of Success Workshops

Suite of Success, peer mentors

We know taking college courses are difficult and this year has an added level of concern with most classes using online or live-online learning. 
But the Peer Mentors are making sure your path to success is a little easier with a new program called Suite of Success. These 30-minute workshops help you address some of the key issues first year and especially first semester students face. 
From learning how to do group assignments to goal setting to financial success tips, the Suite of Success events will give you the tools to succeed! The Suite of Success, which can be found on Canvas, includes videos, workshops, presentations among other events, is designed to help you be more successful!

(Please note: Date and topics are subject to change)


Nov. 5, 1:30 p.m.
Avoiding procrastination: When you can learn why you procrastinate you can find ways to stop making it an issue and avoid stressing at coursework deadlines. 

Nov. 13, 1 p.m.
Studying techniques: Studying is more than just reading and highlighting material. There is a way to get the most out of your time.

Nov. 19, 1 p.m.
Financial literacy: Do you have a money management plan while you are attending college? What about how much to save when you start working full time?

Nov. 20, 1 p.m.

Stress management: Stress CAN be a good thing! Learn the difference between good and bad stress and how to manage and avoid bad stress.