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ATTENTION STUDENTS: Currently CGCC's services continue to be available via phone, email, and online. As we prepare for our Fall 2021 classes more services will be available face-to-face.


Student Update March 24, 2021

student update march 24

Dear Students,

Our information technology department, in conjunction with external forensic specialists, continues to investigate and remediate the recent security threat and network outage. 

Teams have made significant progress in deploying additional security controls across our network, including enhanced endpoint detection and threat hunting software. We have restored core systems, confirmed their security, and are in the process of bringing those systems online. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is a coordinated effort across the entire district and teams are working around the clock to make sure this process is handled carefully and diligently. 

At this time, we are still targeting March 29th for resuming instruction.  As mentioned in yesterday’s update, we will begin to incrementally bring systems online following a deliberate and methodical process. As part of these efforts, students will be asked to reset their passwords and have the option to install antivirus protection software on their personal devices. Please continue to watch for updates and instructions from our information technology departments over the coming days. If you do not yet have access to email, you can call 480.697.3043 for a recorded update. 

We have received several questions regarding the processing of student financial aid. Financial aid processing (including disbursements) is delayed until systems are restored. Timelines are different based on where students are in the financial aid process and will be prioritized as soon as systems are restored. Students may still file the FAFSA at and forms will be received once systems are restored. Financial aid resources are also available at

Once again, we thank you for your continued support and patience as we work through the restoration process.


Dr. Greg Peterson, President


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