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 Event Planning

Completing The Official Function Form

Generally speaking, this form is required whenever taxpayer money is spent for food, rental of space and decorations. The form should also be completed whenever something is purchased that is not usually required to support the college mission. A separate form must be completed for each activity or item even if the expense is recurring or paid for on a blanket purchase order. Using grant money? Be sure this expense is acceptable under the terms of the grant.
Question 1:  Describe the activity or items, spelling out acronyms, and explaining how the organization/program is linked to the college.


Community: Refreshments for four-hour workshop with the President's Community Advisory Council (PCAC). The PCAC consists of a group of local community leaders who provide information and advice on issues of importance from the surrounding communities.
Employees: Snacks for a daylong employee training session. Employees will receive training in the core customer-service skills.
Students: Lunch for participants attending CGCC's morning long Performing Arts workshop.
Question 2:  Dates, Times,  Locations, & Event Reference number
If this expense is activity related, be sure to include the correct date, time, location and the event reference number. The reference number is generated when the event is registered in the C-GEM system. If this expense is for an item not related to an activity, this question may be left blank.
Question 3:  Identify the type and number of attendees.


Community: The PCAC consists of the 6 members of the college administrative team and 50 local community leaders.
Employees: Fifteen Student Services Professional Staff are expected to attend the training.
Students: This event is open to the local high school students; 200 students and event support staff are expected to attend.
Question 4:  Describe the direct link of the activity or item to the CGCC/MCCCD educational mission.
Refer to the College and District Mission statements and describe how this activity or purchase supports our mission. Also, reading over the complete CGCC Vision & Strategic Goals may be helpful.
College Vision, Mission, & Goals
District Vision, Mission, & Values

Remember, the statement must be complete and specific. Saying "The workshop will help employees with their customer service skills" is not enough. Does your answer describe to the reader the "how" and "why" of the link?


Community: Gathering input from community members will assist CGCC in planning for the continuous improvement of college programs and services.
Employees: The daylong employee training will directly address the development of core customer-service skills determined to be essential for the college employees invited to attend.
Students: This event is an outreach effort to market the college's fine arts programs to local high school students. Increasing enrollment in the Fine Arts programs has been targeted as a college priority for this fiscal year.
Question 5:  Document and describe the tangible and specific benefits of the activity or item to CGCC/MCCCD and its educational mission; use attachments if necessary. Also, describe how the benefit received by CGCC/MCCCD through this activity or item is equal to or greater than the expense.

The description should be precise and specific showing how CGCC/MCCCD will benefit from this expense. The description must show how the benefit exceeds the costs. The more the activity or item costs, the more details are required.
Your answer must state "How Much" the public will profit from this expense.


Community: The refreshments will cost approximately $1.45 per person. The amount is within the acceptable Maricopa range for a continental breakfast. The food will help provide an open and inviting atmosphere for frank discussions with community leaders about the current quality and future of CGCC's programs and services.
Employees: The customer service training will cost approximately $20 for food and materials. This cost is significantly less than sending the employee to an outside vendor's customer service-training program.
Students: CGCC's sponsorship of the marketing event to local high school students is within the reasonable and customary cost of a marketing campaign of this type. The exposure of the facility to prospective students and their families is expected to generate 200 new students for CGCC's Fine Arts program.