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 Facility Use Rental Process

​Facilities Use Rental Process

Event Coordinator receives request for an event:
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s) – Start time and end time, determine how much time is needed for pre-event set up and post-event takedown, as well as any necessary facilities set up time
  • Number of expected participants
  • Room requirements – layout needed, audio/visual needs, etc.
Event Coordinator identifies and discusses space requirements: 
  • Discuss space requirements/limitations/ availability as well as the college’s expectations (found in the Facility Use Agreement which can be obtained from CGCC Resource Management rooms@cgc.edu), and ask for the Certificate of Insurance
  • With a verbal “ok”, tentatively book the identified space in the 25Live system
  • Email copy of “Certificate of Insurance Requirements” to the renter
Send email confirmation:
An email is sent to the prospective renter including: 
  • space to be rented
  • the rental rate
  • additional fees
  • estimated total cost
  • the Certificate of Requirements information
  • a map of the college identifying room location and best parking space
Ensure the Certificate of Insurance (COI) is received:
All COI’s are received & reviewed by Business Services/Resource Management for completeness before it is forwarded to risk management at District.
Complete the Facility Use Agreement (FUA):
  • Event Coordinator completes the FUA (contact CGCC Resource Management for the form and assistance rooms@cgc.edu)
  • Logs the rental information in the CGCC Facilities Rental Log
  • The rental log identifies renter name, dates on campus, spaces used, total cost, type of waiver* (see note below), date to invoice, invoice number, date invoice paid. 
  • Email a completed Facility Use Agreement to the renter for review and signature 
  • Obtain V.P. of Administrative Services signature
Email additional event details to the renter, including:
  • Public Safety for locking/unlocking the space, if necessary – 480.732.7280 (the public safety office received a rental log showing dates/times/location/renter)
  • Login/password information for those using the instructor station or computers in the room.  Rentals have been assigned a generic log in and password that is given to each renter.
  • Parking details – no parking in handicapped/faculty/staff designated parking – tickets will be issued


Current process:  Invoice is sent the Monday after the use agreement dates are completed or quarterly for extended rentals.