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 Vendor Solicitation

Solicitation Policies for the Maricopa Community College District (MCCCD)

Solicitors are defined as any non-MCCCD entity that sells or promotes any product, service, or idea.
Any solicitor who violates this solicitation policy may be deemed a trespasser on college property, and subject to appropriate prosecution within the discretion of the college safety department and other responsible officials at the college.
All non-MCCCD Organizations interested in soliciting on any of the CGCC campuses, may request space only upon completion of the following requirements:
1.     Complete and submit the Solicitor Reservation Application at least 7 full business days in advance.
2.     Turn this application into the Resource Management.
3.     You may be contacted by the Resource Management Office to verify insurance requirements and payment.
4.     Provide a certificate of commercial liability insurance to the Resource Management office. (See attached requirements)
5.     Payment of $50 per day or $125 per week must be received by the Resource Management office at least 5 days in advance.
6.     You will be contacted with reservation confirmation.
7.     Upon check in you will be required to provide a government issued photo id to be copied and kept on record with your reservation.  You will also be given a visitors badge that must be visibly worn while on campus.
8.     You will be directed to the appropriate vendor/solicitor area on CGCC’s campuses.  Tables may not be moved to other locations without prior permission.
Campus restrictions to location, time, date, and use of amplification may apply.  Space will be issued on a first come, first serve basis only upon completion of the requirements listed above, with priority given to on-campus organizations. Solicitors must remain within the designated area. Solicitors will not in any way stop the flow of traffic, approach students or employees or disrupt the college environment.  Student and employees may approach the solicitor of their own accord. Standard space will be one table and two chairs.  Solicitors may be limited to no more than fifty (50) hours, or 8 days, of activity per semester.  Solicitors will not be allowed on campus during the first  week or the last week of the semester.  Any additional requests for use of facilities, if approved, may result in charges above and beyond the regular rates.
A solicitor warrants that it may lawfully sell or promote its product, service or idea, and that such activity does not violate any trademark, copyright, or other proprietary interest.  Solicitation must not violate existing MCCCD contracts.
Campus discretion may be used to waive restrictions or alter pricing for student vendors selling artwork or handmade items following proof of registration and paid tuition and/or solicitation for special events that are officially recognized and approved by the college.