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Academic Divisions

Aviation and Applied Technology
Division Chair: Bashir KhalilWilliamsBLUF110(480) 988-8112
Administrative Specialist: Cynthia ClarkWilliamsBLUF110(480) 988-8103
Administrative Specialist 2:

Biological Sciences
Division Chair: Kimberley PattersonPecosEST114(480) 732-7083
Administrative Specialist: Pattiann DeGrassePecosEST117W(480) 726-4134
Administrative Specialist 2:

Business and Computing Studies
Division Chair: Tom PearsonPecosEST118(480) 726-4131
Administrative Specialist: Brenda WhillockPecosEST118(480) 732-7043
Administrative Specialist 2:

Communication and Fine Arts
Division Chair: Vanessa SandovalPecosEST113(480) 732-7267
Administrative Specialist: Dahlia GonzalesPecosEST117E(480) 732-7232
Administrative Specialist 2: Iris IshikawaPecos(480) 732-7328

Composition, Creative Writing and Literature
Division Chair: Mary ZimmererPecosEST213(480) 857-5441
Administrative Specialist: Franklene SmithPecosEST217W(480) 732-7126
Administrative Specialist 2:

Health Sciences
Division Chair: Kimberley McGeePecosCYT2341-2352(480) 726-4246
Administrative Specialist: Kimberly (Beth) Neill PecosCYT2341-2352(480) 732-7314
Administrative Specialist 2:

Library, Learning Center, and Counseling
Division Chair: Christine KilbridgePecosLIB219(480) 857-5138
Administrative Specialist: Laura Smith WebbPecosLIB 217R(480) 857-5135
Administrative Specialist 2:

Division Chair: Linda MengPecosIRN279(480)857-5531
Administrative Specialist: Christine ClinePecosIRN274(480)726-4079
Administrative Specialist 2: Joan KraszewskiIRN270(480)726-4173

Modern Languages and Humanities
Division Chair: Paul PetrequinPecosEST214(480) 857-5256
Administrative Specialist: Jennifer FelandPecosEST217W(480) 726-4119
Administrative Specialist 2:

Division Chair: Karen FlaniganWilliamsEGEL219(480) 988-8884
Administrative Specialist: Teresa HullWilliamsEGEL226(480) 988-8881
Administrative Specialist 2:

Physical Sciences and Engineering
Division Chair: Angel Fuentes-FigueroaPecosIRN241(480) 732-7033
Administrative Specialist: Ariyana SkaugePecosIRN240(480) 857-5559
Administrative Specialist 2:

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Division Chair: Darby HeathPecosEST218(480) 857-5442
Administrative Specialist: Colette NicholsPecosEST219W(480) 732-7334
Administrative Specialist 2: