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College Police





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Pecos Campus



Nearly 30 years ago Brent Bartel investigated a fledging little college in South Chandler called Chandler-Gilbert Community College and never left. Except for a few temporary stints as a full-time learning practitioner and facilitator, Brent has spent his career in the capacity of a law enforcement officer at Chandler-Gilbert. Brent currently serves as a police lieutenant within the Chandler-Gilbert College Police Department. Brent has served in a variety of leadership and teaching/facilitation capacities during his tenure with the college. Including roles as a leadership facilitator and coach, adjunct faculty, Committee chair, etc. Brent has also been active in developing curriculum and has facilitated a variety of leadership, trust, safety and emergency preparedness workshops. After managing the CG/Williams College Police Department for nearly 22 years Brent has returned to the Pecos Campus to assist in professionalizing and advancing the work within that growing unit.

When not working or teaching, Brent prefers to be hanging out with the family, which consists of his amazing wife, four really cool kids and one simply perfect three-year old grandson. Their household also includes two dogs, one cat and one 85-pound tortoise. He also enjoys exhibiting his ever-diminishing athleticism in everything from weight lifting to biking to disk golf. Brent also loves to read inspiring literature, write poetry and is learning his second song on the piano.

Brent received an Associate of Arts degree from Rio Salado, a Bachelor’s Degree in business and a Master’s degree from ASU in human resource development.




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