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 Computer Lab

Student Help Desk​
There is no campus technical support for student's privately owned hardware and software. Students who are having issues with their laptops, applications (like Internet Explorer), virus issues, broken removable storage devices, etc. need to contact the manufacturer or professional technical support (like The Geek Squad). We do not configure laptops.
General questions about official school related applications can be directed to the computer lab personnel. However, if the application itself is not functioning, the computer lab cannot fix these applications. Please call 1-888-994-4433 24/7 to address password related issues.
Specialty online software such as MyITlab, MyLabsPlus, MyPsycheLab, and other software assigned by an instructor is not managed by the lab. You are responsible for your username and password for these outside applications. These are not CGCC products. General questions can be directed to lab personnel, but unless otherwise directed by instructors, the lab has no information about your class and cannot "fix" any errors in the application. You must call the support line for the application, after notifying your instructor about errors. Which means if you forget your username and password to MyITLab, you will have to contact MyITLab for further instructions.

We will always strive to do our best for students, even if that means all we can do is refer you to other services. The computer lab personnel is a diverse team with many skills. You are welcome to ask questions about technology; we will do our best to get you the answer.