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 Computer Lab

District and College Rules for Usage

Lab staff and faculty have the right to question any individual in the lab. The following are common reasons for staff intervention:

  • Beepers and cellphones should be in vibration mode only.  Please do not answer or make calls from the lab.  If you must take a call, step outside of the lab.
  • No eating or drinking in the computer lab.
  • Non-registered students such as, but not limited to, minor children or dependent adults are not allowed in the lab.
  • Pets are not allowed in any buildings including the computer lab.
  • Print only once.  If copies are needed, use a copy machine.
  • Users are not to disconnect any equipment or peripherals.
  • Lab software that is copyrighted may not be copied.  Students may not install any software program or utility on any lab computer, nor may students tamper with, alter, or delete any software program or utility from any lab computer. This includes disconnecting cables, or attempting to connect private hardware to school resources.
  • Answer keys are for users use in the lab; they cannot be taken out of the lab.
  • Machines left for more than 15 minutes may be assigned to another user.
  • Respect your peers.  Please do not play music, shout, or engage in loud conversation.  (Faculty and staff are required to speak with and assist students with homework.)
  • Limit your time on a computer to 2 hours unless there are not users waiting.
  • All students must abide by the Internet Acceptable Use policy mandated by District.  The primary use of these resources is for work related to academics.
  • After hours access is not permitted in the lab.
  • Violation or abuse of any policy, equipment, or lab staff member will be reported to Public Safety and the Dean of Student Services and may result in suspension or revocation of lab privileges.

Visit the District Legal Office for more information.