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Wireless Access - Windows 7 Laptop

1.  Click Wi-Fi icon

2.  Select “mcccd-org” network

3.  Click “Connect Automatically” and click “Connect”

4. Enter MEID Username and Password; then click OK.

5. If you get a Windows Security Alert Click Connect

If you are unable to logon on to MCCCD-ORG Wireless, try this troubleshooting tip:

1.  Right click on wireless icon

2.  Select "Open Network and Sharing Center"

3.  Click "Manage Wireless Networks"

4.  Click "Add"

5.  Click "Manually create a network profile"

6.  Fill in the following info, then click "Next"
            Network name:  mcccd-org
            Security type:  WPA2-Enterprise

7.  Click "Change connection settings"

8.  Click the "Security" tab

9.  Click "Settings"

10.  Make sure "Validate server certificate" is unchecked, then click "Configure"

11.  Make sure the check box is unchecked, click OK.  Then click OK.

12.  Back to EAP Properties Screen, click OK.  Click "Advanced Settings"

13.  Check the box next to "Specify authentication mode:", switch drop down menu to "User authentication" 

Click OK to close the "Advanced settings" dialog box. 

Click OK to close the "mcccd-org Wireless Network Properties" dialog box.

Click red X on top right corner to close the "Manage Wireless Networks"

14.  Click the "Additional information is needed to connect mcccd-org"


15.  Input MEID and password

16.  Click on wifi icon and verify connectivity.

16.  You should be connected to "mcccd-org" wireless network

Last modified at 8/27/2012 7:05 AM