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Printing while on campus

The Pay to Print Program at Chandler-Gilbert

To be able to print you will need to know:

Printing FAQ’s

The Pay2Print system charges $0.10 per page. For example: A single page print is $0.10. A two page print on one paper double-sided print is $0.20.

If you are printing a document that is ten pages long, then the total cost out of your balance will be $1.00.

Each student receives a $5.00 credit to their Pay2Print account for their first semester.

Community Members must go through a separate process in order to print in the library.

Printing Tips

  • Print only when needed. If the assignment is not required, do not print it.
  • Use a removable storage device to transfer information between locations.
  • Email documents to yourself or your instructor.
  • Use software applications such as Microsoft OneNote to “print” to a file from the internet.
  • Print more than one page per sheet.
  • Print PowerPoint Slides 6 or more per sheet.
  • Use PDF properties to print more than one page per sheet.
  • View your documents in Print Preview before you print.
  • Use scaling and selection options in Print Preview to reduce the number of pages.
  • Ask a technician for help.

Last modified at 10/9/2017 3:58 PM