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Pay to print process

How Much Money Do I Have?

Each student received $5.00 credit to their Pay2Print account for their first semester with the new system.

Your remaining balance automatically displays when printing. The print assistant will calculate how much your print job will cost, and display how much money you have remaining on your account. Let the assistant finish calculating before you accept the charge. This will help avoid mistakes in printing costs.

How Do I Add Money?

If you do not have enough money on your account, you will have to contact the fiscal office (Cashier) to add more money.

You may only add money to your account during the hours that the fiscal office is open. You may call the Cashier to add funds to your account. Pecos Campus: 480.732.7312, Williams Campus 480.988.8123.

What Do I Do If The Printer Malfunctions?

If a school printer malfunctions, immediately notify staff. Staff will be able to fix the printer, but staff can not add funds to your account. Directions will be given to the student at the time of the problem should a re-print be needed.

How Does The Software Work?

The software has been integrated with the regular printing process. When you choose to print a document, the print dialog box will launch asking for you to choose a printer. After you have selected your printer and print options such as double-sided or only the current page, you will click the print button and that will prompt a login box.
Log into the PrintAssistant using your MEID account. This is the login that is unique to you and allows you to log into any computer on campus.

Community Member Directions For Printing

If you are not a registered student at any maricopa college, navigate to and click on "create an account." Current students who already have a MEID, password, and student identification number may use the login link. Previous students may try the login link, but may have to reactivate her or his account by going through the create an account process. Community members and students at another MCCCD college must admit his or herself to Chandler-Gilbert Community College; however, she or he will not need to register for a class.

Once you have this information, you will need to go to the Cashier's office to add funds. To print, you will use your student identification number and birthday in DDMMYYYY format as default. For further information please visit the Cashier.

Last modified at 10/16/2012 2:56 PM