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You're missing parameters in your Find A Class request. Here's some help to get you started...

 Parameter  Value Description 
 all_classes  false  show open classes only
 all_classes true (default)  show all classes (opened and closed)
 mode[]  HY  Hybrid classes
 mode[]  IN  Online or Internet classes
 keywords  free form  all purpose text search
subject_code[]  course prefix  search by course prefix. ie. ENG
 terms[]  SIS term  search by semester or term. ie. 4114 for Summer 1 2011
 honors_only  true  Honors classes
 session  OEE  Open Entry/Open Exit Classes

any parameter ending in [] can be used multiple times in a query. 

Help Guide for Term Codes:

term codes are 4 digit numbers that specify the term or semester in SIS. Here is a breakdown of what each digit corresponds to:

1st digit: Always a 4.
2nd and 3rd digits: The last 2 number of the year. ie. 11 for 2011.
4th digit: 2 is for Spring; 4 is for Summer 1; 5 is for Summer 2; 6 is for Fall

   example: 4116 is the code for Fall 2011
   example: 4126 is the code for Fall 2012
   example: 4136 is the code for Fall 2013

**Remember to update the year (reflected by the second two numbers) in the four digit code!**

FAC example queries

This example queries for all hybrid classes in the current term.[]=HY

This example queries for  ENG classes, open classes only, in the Fall 2011 term.[]=ENG&all_classes=false&terms[]=4116