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Tools and Resources

Your job search toolkit

Finding a good job and building a successful career is the number-one reason people enroll at Chandler-Gilbert. We support your ambition and want to help you land that dream job you’ve been preparing for. While there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances, experts agree every job-seeker should learn and use these five essential tools!

Elevator Speech

This is a very brief, memorized description of your skills and career goals that you should have ready to share whenever you find yourself talking to someone who can help you. Developing your elevator speech is as easy as following a simple script. Read More.


This is a technical term for something very natural — meeting and talking to people. Networking not only helps you learn about job opportunities that come available, it’s also useful for professional and personal development after you’re hired. Read More.

Informational Interviewing

This is a great way to learn about a career or a company you’re interested in, and how to prepare for getting started in it. It’s not a job interview, but a fact-finding conversation with someone already working in the field. Use a list of prepared questions to learn what you want to know. Read More.

Professional Resume

Here’s a complete guide to help you prepare a resume that will stand out in today’s job market, including sample resumes and templates from many different job fields, as well as tips for writing, formatting and polishing your resume. Read More.

Cover Letter

Always submit your resume with a cover letter. It serves as a way of introducing yourself to prospective employers. A good cover letter is targeted for each position, and highlights your skills, interests and achievements. Use this guide for creating a successful cover letter. Read More.