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CLASI: College skills made easy

Success in college often comes down to adopting new habits, and putting your new skills into practice. Our Counseling Faculty teach a series of seven helpful, informative workshops in Classroom Academic Skills Integration — CLASI for short. These workshops cover several different skills topics, they’re free of charge, and you can attend them in person, or watch most of the training videos online. 

Note: At this time, all CLASI workshops, in-person and on-line, have been postponed during the Fall semester. Please check back to our webpage periodically for further updates.

Motivation through Conscious Goal Setting

Focuses on thinking about, clarifying and setting personal goals you wish to achieve. A goal-setting process, motivational strategies and the importance of self-regulation are introduced.

College Transition: Culture and Campus Resources 

Discuss the characteristics of successful college students, the culture of and the adjustment to a college campus, instructor expectations, specific CGCC terms and student support resources, and the importance of the course syllabus and catalog content.

Strategies for Note-taking during Lectures 

Useful tips and tricks for keeping your focus during lectures, enhancing your active listening skills, and capturing more information in your notes. 

Reading, Marking and Reviewing Textbook Notes 

Learn how to apply textbook reading techniques, strategies for highlighting what you are reading, and reviewing notes for tests.

Understanding and Reducing Test Anxiety

What are the causes and effects of test anxiety, physical and cognitive symptoms of test anxiety, challenging negative self-talk, and what to do before, during and after a test.

Time Management and Overcoming Procrastination

Learn how to avoid negative outcomes of procrastination through the use of prioritizing and improving one’s use of time, and how to keep track of activities and events.

Stress Less and Practice the Skill of Relaxation

Discover how to reduce stress through positive coping strategies. Learn physical and mental relaxation techniques, and how to use positive self-talk to create calm.