CGCC Mascot

CGCC Mascot

Mascots are more than just lovable faces or characters—they each have a story of how they became irreplaceable members of their college campuses. They are often crowd-pleasers at athletic games, at campus events, and make appearances in the community. Mascots show their school spirit by cheering on the team with fans, shaking hands, and posing for photos, making everyone feel pride in their college.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) is home to Cody the Coyote, a tall, teal coyote who often sports a Yote basketball uniform. He can be seen on campus throwing t-shirts to crowds and filming content for his own Instagram. But surprisingly, when the college first opened, student leaders at the time wanted the mascot to be a FLY!

When CGCC first opened more than 30 years ago, flies were an issue because there was a dairy farm across the street from the campus. But a bug is not the best representation of this college!

Fortunately, the student leaders came to their senses, and the coyote was selected to be the symbol of CGCC.

Today, Cody the Coyote is known for his cameos in several videos, and he is a beloved figure on campus. Be part of his pack, you can join his community by following him on Instagram.

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