Parking policies and permits

Chandler-Gilbert offers free parking for students and staff at both Pecos and Williams Campuses. Only Williams Campus students require permits — students parking exclusively on Pecos Campus do not. For more details, read on!

Student parking permits

Students parking at the Williams Campus must display a current academic year CGCC Williams Campus parking permit. These may be obtained free of charge from College Police on Williams Campus.

Current enrollment in Williams Campus classes will be verified prior to a permit being issued, and only after the refund deadline has passed for a student’s earliest-starting class. While students are limited to one permit, these hang-tags can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Students need a new Williams Campus parking permit each academic year (Fall through the following Spring and Summer semesters). Permits become invalid if a student drops all Williams Campus classes.

Employee parking permits

CGCC employees must obtain and display a current MCCCD employee parking sticker to use employee parking spaces. Adjunct and part-time employees are not eligible for employee parking. Employee parking permits can be obtained from the College Police office at either the Pecos Campus (FSB) or Bluford Hall

Parking space designations

Parking spaces on all CGCC campus locations are designated as follows:

  • Student & General parking — White
  • Employee — White with "Employee" painted in the space
  • Disabled — Universal Disabled blue & white symbol painted in the space
  • Visitor — White with posted signs and/or "Visitor" painted in the space
  • Reserved — Signs posted
  • Fire lanes - Red

Violations will be ticketed, so please be aware of these designations. You can obtain a brochure on parking regulations and violations from the College Police Department of Public Safety

Special considerations for Williams Campus parking

Please check signs to be sure you are parking in an MCCCD lot, and not the adjoining ASU at the Polytechnic Campus lot. Be aware that anyone who parks in those spots will be required to purchase and properly display a valid ASU parking decal or hourly visitor's permit for their vehicle at all times. It is important to note that ASU at the Polytechnic Campus diligently enforces their parking regulations. View a map of the CGCC Williams Campus and ASU Polytechnic Campus.

Note also that Williams Campus College Police strictly enforces its parking regulations. Student vehicles without the current year Williams Campus parking permit AND current semester enrollment in CGCC Williams classes will be ticketed.

Visitor parking/carpool

Visitor Parking on the Pecos Campus is clearly marked. For driving directions and parking lot locations, please refer to the college maps.

On the Williams Campus, Visitor Parking is located in the lots north and south of Bluford Hall (Lots 94 and 101).

Parking violation penalties

Violation of parking regulations will result in a citation and a fine being issued. All monetary fines shall be paid to the college Student Business Services office. Payment may be paid in person or by mail. Failure to pay or appeal a citation within 15 working days of the date of issue will result in the fine being doubled. In the case of parking violations, repeaters' vehicles may be towed at owner's expense.

Citation appeal form and link

To ensure due process, fines may be appealed. As a convenience to our college community, we have citation appeal officers located at both Pecos and Williams Campuses. Parking citations need to be appealed at the campus on which the citation was received.

There are two options for submitting your appeal form once you’ve filled it out. The first is to print and submit it in person to the College Police office on the campus you received the citation. The other option is to email the completed form as an attachment.

Parking Citation Appeal Form

Pecos Campus appeals should be emailed to

Williams Campus appeals should be emailed to