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Academic Leadership Directory

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Accomplishing your goals is easier when you have excellent teachers and administrators on your side. CGCC’s diverse faculty and staff bring a wide range of academic and real-world professional experience to the classroom. They’re dedicated to supporting your educational journey and partnering with you to ensure your success.

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Vice President of Academic Affairs

William Guerriero


William Guerriero
Pecos (MSQ165)



Gabriela Rosu

Dean of Instruction

Gabriela Rosu
Pecos (MSQ162)

Chris Schnick

Dean of Arts & Sciences

Chris Schnick
Pecos (MSQ160)

Tom Pearson

Interim Associate Dean of Workforce

Tom Pearson
Pecos (EST121)

Division Chairs

Bashir Khalil

Aviation & Applied Technology

Division Chair: Bashir Khalil
Williams (BLUF110B)

  • AET Airway Science Technology, Flight Eph.
  • AIT Automated Industrial Technology
  • AMT Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  • EUT Electric Utility Technology
  • PPT Power Plant Technology
  • UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Kimberley Patterson

Biological Sciences

Division Chair: Kimberley Patterson
Pecos (EST114)

  • BIO Biology
  • ENV Environmental Sciences
  • SSH Sustainability/Social Sciences and Humanities
  • SUS Sustainability/Natural Science

Barbara Gonzalez

Business & Computing Studies

Division Chair: Barbara Gonzalez
Pecos (EST118)

  • ACC Accounting
  • BPC Business Personal Computers
  • CIS Computer Information Systems
  • CLD Cloud Computing
  • CNT Cisco Network Technology
  • CSC Computer Science
  • GBS General Business
  • IBS International Business
  • ITS Informational Technology Security
  • MGT Management
  • MKT Marketing
  • MST Microsoft Technology
  • SBS Small Business Management
  • SBU Society and Business
Vanessa Sandoval

Communication and Fine Arts

Division Chair: Vanessa Sandoval
Pecos (EST113)

  • ARH Art Humanities
  • ART Art
  • COM Communication
  • DAH Dance Humanities
  • DAN Dance
  • MCO Mass Communication
  • MHL Music: History/Literature
  • MTC Music: Theory/Composition
  • MUC Music: Commercial/Business
  • MUP Music: Performance
  • STO Storytelling
  • THE Theatre
  • THF Theatre and Film
  • THP Theatre Performance/Production

Kimberley McGee

Health Science and Public Service

Division Chair: Kimberly McGee
Pecos (CTY2351)

  • AJS Administration of Justice
  • EMT Emergency Medical Technology
  • EXS Exercise Science
  • FON Food and Nutrition
  • HES Health Science
  • LET Law Enforcement Training
  • MSP Mortuary Science
  • PED Physical Education
  • REC Recreation
  • WED Wellness Education
Mary Zimmerer

Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature

Division Chair: Mary Zimmerer
Pecos (EST213)

  • CRE Critical Reading
  • CRW Creative Writing
  • ENG English
  • ENH English Humanities
  • HUM Humanities
  • JRN Journalism
  • RDG Reading
  • WAC Writing Across Curriculum

Paul Petrequin

Modern Languages & Humanities

Division Chair: Paul Petrequin
Pecos (EST214)

  • ASL Sign Language
  • CCS Chicana & Chicano Studies
  • CHI Chinese
  • ESL English as a Second Language
  • FRE French
  • GER German
  • HIS History
  • JPN Japanese
  • PHI Philosophy
  • REL Religious Studies
  • SLC Studies in Language and Culture
  • SPA Spanish
  • SPH Spanish Humanities
Christine Kilbridge

Library, Learning Center, and Counseling

Division Chair: Christine Kilbridge
Pecos (LIB219)

  • CAP Counseling and Applied Psychology
  • CPD Counseling and Personal Development
  • IFS Information Studies

Brian Woodrum

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Division Chair: Brian Woodrum
Pecos (IRN241)

  • AST Astronomy
  • AIM Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • CHM Chemistry
  • ECE Engineering Science
  • EEE Electrical Engineering
  • GLG Geology
  • GPH Physical Geography
  • PHY Physics
Linda Meng


Division Chair: Pamela Woodbury
Pecos (IRN279)

  • MAT Mathematics

Karen Flanigan


Division Chair: Karen Flanigan
Williams (EGEL219)

  • HCC Health Core Curriculum
  • HCR Health Care Related
  • NUR Nursing Science Basic
Linda Zehr

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Division Chair: Linda Zehr
Pecos (EST218)

  • AFR African American Studies
  • AIS American Indian Studies
  • ASB/ASM Anthropology
  • CFS Child/Family Studies
  • ECH Early Childhood Education
  • ECN Economics
  • EDU Education
  • EED Early Education
  • ETL Excellence/Teaching/Learning
  • HON Honors
  • POS Political Science
  • PSY Psychology
  • SOC Sociology
  • WST Women’s Studies