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Exploring the world and learning go hand in hand! Studying abroad provides a unique opportunity to experience new places, meet fascinating people, witness breathtaking sights, and grow as a individual! 

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Visit Beautiful Places

Take in the art, architecture, food, landscapes, and vistas of some of the world’s most exciting cities.

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Expand your horizons and boost your resume by fully immersing yourself in other cultures and languages.

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Work toward your degree while you enjoy a life-changing educational experience.

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Maricopa Community Colleges offers an incredible study abroad program where students can earn six academic credits while exploring some of the world's most captivating cities. 

Students who participate in our short-term study abroad programs (one to four weeks) consistently count their international experience as one of the most rewarding aspects of their college careers. 

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Your Passport to 2024!

The Prague Study Abroad Program at CGCC offers an opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is known as "the bridge between East and West," bordering Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. 

Prague, also referred to as the "City of 100 Spires," boasts of a compact medieval center that is a labyrinth of cobbled lanes, ancient courtyards, and churches beyond measure, all overlooked by a 1,000 year-old castle. Unlike other European cities that were ravaged by war, Prague survived relatively unscathed, allowing its rich historical architecture to remain intact. As a traditional cultural center of Europe, Prague hosts a myriad of festivals and concerts.

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Information Sessions

To learn more and how to apply for the Prague Study Abroad program, join us for WebEx information sessions:

  • Tuesdays from 5-6 pm: 1/30, 2/27, 3/26, 4/2, and 4/9
    WebEx Link
  • Wednesdays from 12-1 pm: 2/28 and 3/27  
    WebEx Link
  • Thursdays from 4-5 pm: 3/28, 4/4, and 4/11 
    WebEx Link

Remember, the application deadline is April 15, 2024. (*Late applications accepted on a case-by-case basis)

Prague Study Abroad Application

Prague Program Information

Dates: June 28 - July 19, 2024 • Pre-Departure Dates: June 17 - June 26, 2024 (*AVC 142/143 is May 28 - June 6 2024)

All courses are taught by our CGCC instructors and are available to all students aged 18 and over, as well as community members. 

Course Enrollment: (choose one course)
AVC142 Introduction to Digital Photography, 3 cr.
AVC143 Intermediate Digital Photography, 3 cr.
ENG217 Personal & Exploratory Writing, 3 cr.; fulfills L
HUM 245 Introduction to Holocaust Studies, 3 cr.; fulfills HU 


Estimated Prague Program Costs

Estimated Program Fee: $3,570 
Estimated Tuition: $306 (not included in program costs) 
Estimated Airfare: $1,200 - $1,900 (not included in program costs) 
Estimated Meals: $700 (not included in program costs) 
Estimated Total Cost: $5,776

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