Facility Rental

Facility Rental

Thank you for considering CGCC as the location for your upcoming event. We are happy to announce that we are currently accepting requests for October thru Dec 2021 and Spring 2022. We encourage you to submit your requests for tabling on campus by reserving a vendor spot or renting a space on one of our CGCC campuses as soon as possible (you’ll find details below).

Please note, we continue to take necessary precautions, due to the ongoing and changing state of the COVID-19 pandemic, to help ensure the safety of our students, staff and community. We appreciate your patience and support.

There’s space for you at CGCC

Chandler-Gilbert is more than a center of learning. It’s also a modern, well-maintained public facility, furnished with a wide range of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, playing fields, conference rooms, performance venues and lecture halls. Many of these facilities can be reserved or rented for non-college activities, such as meetings, workshops, retreats, conferences or events. 

We also make table-renting space available on campus for both commercial and non-commercial vendors who wish to reach out to our students and staff. Check out our Vendor Tabling Request page for details. 

Procedures and requirements for facility rental services are fully explained below. As a community-based resource, we are excited to open our doors to public and private groups, civic organizations, nonprofits and businesses alike. 

Welcome all to CGCC!

Facility Rental

Renting a facility space begins by completing a Rental Inquiry Form. Please submit this form at least three weeks prior to your event, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have. 

The Rental Inquiry Form should include the following information regarding your event:

  • Date(s)
  • Start time(s) and end time(s)
  • Pre-event set up and post-event takedown (if needed)
  • Number of expected participants
  • Room requirements – layout needed, audio/visual needs, etc. 

Once we review your inquiry, we send an email confirmation with the following details: 

  • Space to be rented
  • The rental rate
  • Additional fees
  • Estimated total cost
  • The Certificate of Requirements information
  • Campus map, room location and parking space

Lastly, the required paperwork is completed and exchanged — Facility Use Agreement and Certificate of Insurance:

  • The renter emails their Certificate of Insurance to rooms@cgc.edu 
  • Resource Management emails a completed Facility Use Agreement to the renter for signature

Renters are expected to pay the invoice upon receipt, typically the Monday after rental use. 

As long as your event or service aligns with our mission of education and training, and it’s safe for people and property, we can make our space available to you. State law requires you to submit a Certificate of Insurance, and we reserve the right to approve any advertising for events using our facilities. 

Please see the complete Regulations on Use of College Facilities

State law requires that public entities like colleges must receive “fair value” for the use of their facilities. The college charges non-MCCCD entities, including nonprofits and other public organizations, a “fair value rent” in exchange for using our space.

Facility Rental

Questions about facility rentals or vendor reservations? Contact us!