Learning Communities

Learning Communities

CGCC's Learning Communities combine two or more courses to meaningfully connect the information presented in each. The idea is you learn more by taking the classes together than you would separately. Some courses are blended together into one classroom, while others are linked by shared assignments, topics and projects. The whole time, you’re studying with the same students, so you’re literally learning together. 

We offer Learning Communities that help you along your path, whether transferring to a university, receiving professional career training, or learning college success strategies.

You can gain a lot from joining a CGCC Learning Community: 

  • Get a deeper understanding of the course material
  • Pair courses with your field or career area
  • Develop professionally along with others in your major
  • Actively participate in your own learning — in class and in the community

Students are talking about Learning Communities

For their convenience and depth of instruction, Learning Communities are popular with many CGCC students. See what they’re saying in this video, or dip into individual topics:

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