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Making it happen in our community

Chandler-Gilbert serves several diverse, fast-growing communities in the Southeast Valley, where we work to make a positive impact you can see, every day. Our educational programs and outreach initiatives add to our collective wellbeing and quality of life, as we continue to meet the needs of the students, businesses, and residents of our community.

College Impact

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Benefiting Business

Chandler-Gilbert is recognized as a leading job training resource, supplying a skilled workforce to our region’s diverse industries.

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Benefiting Government

Through active partnership with municipal and county government, CGCC contributes educational expertise for better decision-making that serves our community.

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Benefiting the Community

CGCC enjoys a national reputation for service through education programs such as Service Learning, which teaches by giving back to our community through work with nonprofits and other community organizations and groups.

Education Beyond the Classroom

Education Beyond the Classroom

Our innovative approach to education extends far beyond our classrooms and campuses. Our award-winning faculty and staff build upon our legacy by earning grants to develop programs and pioneering new initiatives to better our communities and the world. From the Arizona Mathematics Partnership, which supports middle school math teachers, to the Environmental Technology Center, our hub for sustainability-focused interdisciplinary experiential learning projects, our efforts make a positive impact in a wide variety of fields. Learn more about our recent initiatives below.

College Impact

Chandler-Gilbert serves more than 19,000 students


Chandler-Gilbert serves more than 19,000 students in the East Valley every year.

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College Impact Communities Served

Dual Enrollment / school sites

College before college

Our forward-reaching programs, including Dual Enrollment, Hoop of Learning, and Achieving a College Education (ACE), prepare pathways to college for high school and middle school students. For example, through the Basha Coding Academy, Dual Enrollment students gain valuable career training while earning college credit toward computer science degrees and certificates that prepare them for in-demand, high-paying coding careers. In partnership with the high schools we serve, we have embedded High School College Advisors onsite to help all students navigate these Early College programs, and assist seniors in making a successful transition into college.

College Impact

Chandler-Gilbert students contribute more than 8,000 hours of learning-based service to the community

Chandler-Gilbert students contribute more than 8,000 hours of learning-based service to the community every year.

A rewarding way to learn

A rewarding way to learn

Chandler-Gilbert is recognized as a leader in a community-based learning program called Service-Learning. It combines academic instruction with meaningful service, allowing students to reach their educational goals while making a contribution to their community. Service-Learning raises awareness, improves critical analysis and problem-solving skills, and broadens career possibilities, creating a positive impact for students and society at large.

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