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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE:   Campus is Closed. All in-person activities and events are postponed. In-person and hybrid courses have been moved online. Online/distance classes continue as scheduled. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for any additional class information.


Types of Classes

Learning every day, in every way

Every part of your experience at CGCC is designed to help you achieve your goals. And because we realize your purpose and your needs may be different from those of your peers, we offer many types of classes in a variety of formats, so you can choose a learning structure, schedule, and pace that fits you best.

CGCC Honors students may enroll in two types of Honors courses, each designed to enhance their intellectual experience. The first type is the Honors Option Section, which is a regular class with an additional Honors Project designed by you and your instructor. The second type is the Honors Only class, which is composed of all Honors students, encouraging deeper learning and a sense of community.

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Our hybrid courses combine in-person classroom instruction with an online component that provides you with both interactive and face-to-face hands-on learning experiences. Hybrid courses allow you the opportunity to balance your work/life responsibilities, save commute time and money, and even help out the environment by minimizing the miles you drive.

Independent study classes allow you to explore a topic by learning on your own, meeting with your instructor periodically throughout your course.

These classes are delivered in the traditional face-to-face format most of us are familiar with. Students and instructors meet as a group at a designated time and location, offering a high level of personal interaction. Generally, classes meet one to three times a week.

Learning communities combine two or more courses to connect knowledge in a more meaningful way. Designed to work together, these classes use a number of engaging learning methods to help you gain a better understanding of the material you’re studying, while making meaningful connections with other students.

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Writing-certified courses focus on activities that help to enhance your writing skills, your creativity and critical thinking, and your understanding of course content. When you complete at least 15 credit hours of Writing-certified classes with a C or better, you qualify for the Writing-certified Class Award.