Viewpoints Annual Student Visual Arts Exhibition

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Viewpoints Art Exhibit

CGCC invite you to explore Viewpoints Annual Student Visual Arts Exhibition (2023-2024) at the Library Gallery at Pecos Campus.

This exhibition invites you to explore the Viewpoints we use to learn about ourselves and the world around us, consider other viewpoints, and open a conversation with another person about the art they enjoy and value. This exhibition honors the work of our art students and showcases the breadth and depth of the Visual Arts Programs at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. 

Viewpoints is a theory about aesthetic development and perception that defines the variety of ways we experience art. Inspired by the challenges of scale, this exhibition highlights a range of viewpoints by focusing on closeups (micro) and distant views (macro) as well as the material properties of each work presenting an opportunity for close-looking and engagement with the visual arts. Engaging with the arts fosters creativity and imagination, encouraging us to think outside the box and explore new ideas. 

The Annual Student Visual Arts Exhibition, Viewpoints, is the culmination of this year's hard work by our students in the Visual Arts Program at CGCC. The exhibition provides the opportunity to share the students' artistic achievements with the college and the community. Through thematic juxtaposition, this exhibition offers a conversation between the works made in various media including ceramics, sculpture, foundations, design, drawing, painting, illustration and sequential art, and photography. Participating students were selected by their professors for their outstanding work and creativity to represent each studio area and highlight our talented students' conceptual and stylistic diversity.

The exhibition is on view through June 30, 2024. 

Curator: Professor Michael Ceschiat, Co-curator: Professor Louis Mendoza, Curatorial Assistant: Elyott Dike, Exhibition Content Development: Dr. Roja Najafi, Exhibition Designers: Professors Michael Ceschiat and Louis Mendoza. This exhibition was made possible through the support of CGCC Libraries. All works courtesy of the artists.

Exhibit Curators