Brooke Logan

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Brooke Logan

Brooke Logan
Degree/Area of Study: At CGCC, I earned an AS/AAS in Engineering Technology. At ASU, I earned a BSE in Civil Engineering

Brooke Logan is a traffic engineer with approximately 3.5 years of industry experience. She graduated from Arizona State University with a BSE in Civil Engineering in 2020. She is a certified Engineer-in-Training in the State of Arizona and a member of the Women’s Transportation Seminar. She has experience in traffic analysis and modeling, traffic design, and traffic safety.


Where has life taken you since CGCC?: After CGCC, I transferred to ASU and received my bachelor's degree. After graduation, I earned EIT certification and began employment as a Traffic Engineer at Burgess & Niple.

What is your ultimate career goal?: I hope to earn a PE license and continue to gain a broad range of experience in traffic analysis, design, and safety concepts.

What makes your story unique?: After high school, I earned a degree in a different field at my local university. I applied for jobs in that field for four years after graduation but was not hired. I felt uneasy about returning to school to study a new field in fear that I would have the same trouble finding a job. I researched career fields that sounded enjoyable to me but also had a positive job outlook. I was drawn to civil engineering because I love math and problem solving, find bridges and roadways to be interesting, and loved the idea of being able to directly improve my community. I graduated from ASU in 2020 and have been a Traffic Engineer for two years now.

What campus resources did you utilize at CGCC?: I utilized the library almost every day for a quiet, distraction free place to study between classes. The study rooms were a convenient meetup location for group projects. I also utilized the computer lab to access specific software as needed.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in?: I am an alumna of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I was a National Science Foundation (NSF) Academic Success and Professional Development (ASAP) program scholar for two semesters at ASU.

What surprised you the most when you arrived at CGCC?: The sense of community among students and staff.

How did CGCC faculty and staff support your success?: CGCC faculty and staff always made themselves available to answer questions, further explain concepts, or walk through problems.

Why did you choose CGCC?: I chose CGCC to be close to my family and earn an associate’s degree in preparation for ASU.

What would you tell a prospective student considering their college choice?: Community college is a great, cost effective way to begin your educational journey. Pros include small class sizes and flexibility in class schedules.