Stephany Preciado

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Stephany Preciado

Stephany Preciado
Degree/Area of Study: Digital Media Arts

Stephany explored many options and completed an internship at CGCC to find her dream career path in digital marketing.



What are your next steps after CGCC?: I plan to transfer to ASU to obtain a bachelor’s in graphic information technology. 

What is your ultimate career goal?: My ultimate career goal is to have the opportunity to work with a digital marketing company. 

What makes your story unique?: It took me a while to find out what career best interested me. I started taking courses for dental hygiene, business and also took an acting course, but it wasn't until I started researching more about digital media and social media marketing and finally found the career for me. The best thing about graduating is that I got to graduate with my younger sister, and we created our own graduation set up with our family.

What campus resources do you utilize at CGCC?: I have used library resources and the Computer Lab. 

What surprised you the most when you arrived at CGCC?: How helpful everyone is and always opened to helping you succeed. 

How did CGCC faculty and staff support your success?: They very very helpful and great mentors for me.

How did you choose your major/program of study?: It took a lot of research and once I started taking courses for digital media I realized it was the career for me. 

Why did you choose CGCC?: I choose community college because it allowed me to have flexibility with my school schedule and work schedule. I also liked that community college was more affordable and because of this, I was able to complete both a certification and an associate degree.

What experiential/hand-on projects did you participate in?: I got the opportunity to intern for the Marketing team and create content for CGCC's social media platforms. I also got to see how the Marketing team runs meetings and how they work together which was really helpful for me because I will be able to apply the skills I learned to future jobs. 

What would you tell a prospective student considering their college choice?: Research and seek help when needed.