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Program Overview

Thoughtful and clear communication skills are one of the most valued assets an employee can offer their organization. The career possibilities are endless — those who study communication can pursue careers in public relations, advertising, journalism, law, and business, to name just a few. The Communication program can help you get there.

Focusing on the dynamic blend of theory and practical experience, the program will provide you with a solid foundation of a variety of communication contexts, including interpersonal, small group, intercultural, organizational, public, and professional speaking. You will be prepared to think critically, problem-solve, and make informed decisions in various scenarios.

After graduating from the program, you will be well-equipped to go to the next level and transfer to a university to achieve your bachelor’s or master's degree in communication. Sign up today to jump-start your future.

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Why Chandler Gilbert Community College?

Communication studies at CGCC embraces many high impact practices that help you develop more deeply and gain a greater understanding of the communication processes in today’s ever changing world. “We Make It Happen” by:

Building Skills:

Our classes will help you develop skills for an increased level of proficiency in public speaking, business and professional communication, cultural competency, listening strategies, managing conflict, and building/maintaining relationships.

Building Confidence:

Our program approaches building confidence by providing a small classroom setting for you to experiment in working collaboratively with diverse groups, speaking in front of a live audience, and preparing for essential job interviews.

Building Community:

The department supports innovative service-learning and civic engagement activities that are designed to align with the course objectives. You will see how you can contribute to solving problems in your community through meaningful service. The projects and involvement vary from class to class, including service which involves highly interactive activities, small group leadership, and applications of major programs of study.

CGCC's Communication program provides you with everything from small classroom settings of less than 25 students to hybrid to live online to fully online courses taught by highly skilled communication professionals.