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Resources for Writers

Welcome to the Writer’s Den

Whether you're writing a research paper that needs to follow APA or MLA style, planning an essay or opinion piece, or brushing up on your grammar and punctuation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a vast inventory of excellent writing resources to help you improve your skills, at any writing level.

English Language Learning

Articles, handouts and user-friendly blogs about English language practice for both native and non-native speakers.


Links to More Resources on English Language Learning

Grammar and Punctuation

Learn the finer points of writing sentences that are clear, consistent and grammatically correct. 


Special focus on Passive Voice

Online Writing Resources

A wealth of information on a wide variety of topics covering nearly every aspect of the writing process.

Writing Process

Great information, tips and techniques for brainstorming, planning and perfecting your writing projects.


Links to More Resources on the Writing Process

Focus and Development 

These handouts and links offer clear, concise instructions for writing papers, essays and articles for class. 


Links to More Resources on Writing and Composition 

Research and Citation

Everything you need to know to write academic papers in the correct style and format.


APA Format (6th ed.)

MLA Format (8th ed.)

Links to More Research and Citation Topics

Special Topics and Genres

Take a deeper dive into understanding the principles of certain types of academic writing and specific literary forms. 

Tutoring Action Plan

Download and fill out this helpful form before meeting with a Writing tutor, to help focus your session on what you want to achieve.