Emergency Notification Systems

Alerting you in the event of an emergency

At CGCC, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is of primary importance. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the emergency notification systems listed below. In the event of an emergency, CGCC will use these systems to communicate instructions and other vital information.

CGCC has created a multimodal crisis communications plan in an effort to maximize communication efforts during an emergency. In addition to the systems listed below, we may use fire alarms, the college's homepage, and CGCC's emergency hotline number (480-731-8900) to communicate with students and their families, as well as faculty and staff.

Emergency Notification Systems

All employees and currently enrolled students are automatically signed up for the CGCC Alert service, an emergency notification system that helps ensure rapid mass communication. During an urgent situation, the CGCC Alert system will send a text message (SMS) to your mobile device and to your Maricopa Student Email. A college lockdown, evacuation, or necessary college closure are a few examples of emergency notification messages.

The reliability of this system is dependent on the accuracy of your contact information. To receive a CGCC Alert, it is vital that employees update their HRMS personal contact information, and that students update their contact information in their Student Center.

Three things to do when you receive a CGCC Alert:

  1. Read the message - don't ignore it!
  2. Alert other people. During classes, professors and other students may have their cell phones turned off. If you are a student in a classroom, please advise the professor so that he or she may assist in taking appropriate action. If you're at work, let your coworkers know about the alert. It's very important to help spread word of the emergency notification.
  3. Follow the instructions given with the message. The instructions will be direct and specific to the particular situation. Be sure to follow them carefully. If the situation requires it, additional messages will be transmitted to update you.

Alertus Notification Beacons are located in common areas and hallways of buildings throughout the college. In the event of an emergency, these beacons will be activated and will use an integrated siren, strobe, and message display to notify building occupants of a threat or crisis.

IP telephones with intercom paging capabilities are currently located in all classrooms, selected offices and in the common areas of buildings at CGCC. In the event of an emergency, CGCC will be able to broadcast messages through these phones as well as send an emergency message that will appear on the telephone's display.

Red emergency broadcast telephone towers, topped with blue strobe lights, are located at perimeter entrances to the Pecos and Williams campuses. In addition to giving CGCC the capability to broadcast emergency messages to the college campus, these phones can also be used by students who need to call CGCC College Police for assistance.