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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): CGCC is providing a location for COVID testing and vaccination. However, the college is not providing this service and we cannot answer any specific questions about appointments or results. To book an appointment or to find more COVID related information about testing and vaccination, please visit for Testing information or visit for Vaccination information.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Due to the escalation of COVID-19 cases, our in-person instruction and services plans may be modified to protect the health and safety of our communities. Services continue to be available via phone, email, and online.


Rights & Responsibilities

Know your rights and responsibilities

This webpage contains some of the regulations, rights, and responsibilities that all students in the Maricopa Community College District need to know. For quick reference, we’ve categorized them alphabetically in the tabs below. Browse through these topics to familiarize yourself with school policies. And for the complete set of regulations, visit the MCCCD Administrative Regulations homepage.

This section describes the type of behaviors/acts that constitute academic misconduct, sanctions for violation of the policy, and the appeal process.

This section covers class attendance requirements, official absences, and religious holidays.

This section outlines the rules regarding the presence of children on campus.

This section provides a step-by-step guide of the student complaint (grievance) process for instructional issues such as grades, assignments, and other course-related matters.

This section provides a step by step guide of the student complaint resolution process for non-instructional issues not related to grades, assignments or other course-related concerns.

This section outlines the parameters of romantic/amorous and/or sexual relationships between Maricopa Community College employees and students (18 years or older) currently enrolled at one of the community colleges as well as the procedures for disclosure.

This section provides information on the process and rules for withdrawing from courses.

This section provides information on previous college credit earned at another institution and/or via assessment methods.

This section outlines the process for filing a discrimination complaint. Complaints may be brought under this procedure for discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status (including document abuse), sex (including pregnancy and sexual harassment), sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, physical or mental disability, or genetic information. The entire college community should act promptly upon receipt of an allegation of conduct that might constitute discrimination. Any member of the college community should refer a person who might be a victim of such conduct to these procedures, as well as to the Vice President of Student Affairs or Dean of Students.

This section lists the rules, regulations, and sanctions for use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises.

This section outlines the rules on hazing activities on and off Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises.

This section contains information on parking and traffic regulations for employees and students.

Also, please visit the Chandler-Gilbert Parking Page.

This section outlines the placement testing process and procedures.

This section provides information on the refund policy for students who officially withdraw from credit and non-credit classes, canceled classes, refund exceptions, and the refund appeal process.

This section outlines the types of behaviors/acts that constitute sexual harassment and the process for filing a complaint.

This section lists the guidelines regarding the use and/or sale of tobacco products on Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises.

This section delineates the standards of conduct that are expected of all students, sanctions, and the student code of conduct hearing process.

This section provides information on the accommodation application process for students with disabilities.

Also, please visit the Chandler-Gilbert Disability Resources homepage.

This section provides information regarding the recording of instructor lectures.

This section outlines acceptable and non-acceptable use of Maricopa Community Colleges Technology Resources including, but not limited to, desktop and laptop systems, printers, central computing facilities, District-wide or college-wide networks, local-area networks, telephones, facsimile machines, scanners, access to the Internet, electronic mail and similar electronic information.

This section provides information on the process for transferring college credit earned at other institutions.

This section lists the services and eligibility requirements for educational benefits for students who are U.S. Military Veterans.

Also, please visit Chandler-Gilbert Veterans Services.

This section outlines the rules and regulations regarding weapons on Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises.

This section defines what type of behaviors/acts constitute workplace violence and the sanctions for violation of the policy.