DRS Staff

Committed to empowering students with disabilities

The people of DRS are ready to assist you in accessing CGCC’s disability resources, services and programs. Contact our office with questions. We are happy to help you meet your needs.

Office Staff

Director: Cheryl Hernandez, M.A., C.R.C.
Phone: 480-732-7050
Office: BRD109
Email: cheryl.hernandez@cgc.edu

Senior Student Services Analyst: Juwanta Steed, M.Ed.
Phone: 480-988-8107
Office: BLUF104
Email: juwanta.steed@cgc.edu

Student Service Specialist Sr.: Tammy Day, BSW
Phone: 480-857-5447
Office: BRD110
Email: tammy.day@cgc.edu

Administrative Specialist Sr: Vanessa Guy B.S.Ed
Phone: 480-857-5188
Office: BRD107
Email: vanessa.guy@cgc.edu

Student Services Specialist - DRS Testing: Romana Carpio
Phone: 480-988-8163
Office: BRD113
Email: romana.carpio@cgc.edu

DRS Specialist: Griffin Lynch, B.S. Communications
Phone: 480-988-8163
Office: BRD104
Email: griffin.lynch@cgc.edu

Faculty & Administration

DRS Faculty Liaison: Dr. Scott Silberman, Psychology Faculty
Email: scott.silberman@cgc.edu

ADA Coordinator: Veronica Hipolito, Vice President Student Affairs
Email: veronica.hipolito@cgc.edu

DRS Dean: Anne Suzuki, Dean of Student Development
Email: anne.suzuki@cgc.edu