Math Videos by Course

Videos to help you in math

Are you more of a visual learner? Or would you rather learn by doing? These math videos are fantastic resources for practicing and understanding the math concepts covered in CGCC courses. Faculty present a wide variety of class materials to help your understanding.

Math Videos by Course

Video: Addition and Subtraction of Integers
Video: Lesson 3C Integer Addition and Subtraction
Video: Multiplication and Division of Integers
Video: Lesson 5A Order of Operations
Video: Lesson 6A Order of Operations
Video: Subtraction as Comparison
Video: Lesson 8A Distributive Property

VideoThe Meaning of Fraction
VideoRethinking Fractions
VideoComparing Fractions and Equivalent Fractions

Video: Division of Fractions Explained
Video: Multiplying Fractions Part 1
Video: Multiplying Fractions Part 2
Video: Fraction Subtraction Challenge
VideoUnit Rate
VideoRatios and Proportions
VideoFraction Division using Common Denominators

Video: Variables on Both Sides
Video: Inequalities
Video: Algebraic Structure Construct Deconstruct
Video: Solving Using Deconstruct Stories
Video: Algebraic Structure Webs
Video: Algebraic Translations 2
Video: Meaning of Variable
VideoMeaning of the Equal Sign
VideoStatements of Comparison and Candle Kits
VideoConstruction Web
VideoNew Expression Value After Alteration
VideoConstruction Stories Pg 21
VideoDeconstruction Stories Pg 23
VideoDeconstruction Pg 27
VideoAlgebraic Structure Construct Deconstruct
VideoInequality Deconstruction Pg 31

Video: Working with Function Notation
Video: Identifying Verbal Functions
Video: Functions Review
VideoTable & Point of Intersection (POI) using TI Calculator
VideoTable and POI using Desmos
VideoLesson 3 Question 6
VideoIdentify Verbal Functions
VideoCoordinate Plane Pages 1-5
VideoCovariation using the Crab Model
VideoDiscrete or Continuous
VideoFunction Representations
VideoWorking With Function Notation

Video: Proportionality, Change, CROC, and Linearity
Video: Predicting "Output" with Linear Function Formula
Video: Graphical Changes
Video: Writing Linear Function Between Two Points
VideoChange in Output given time span
VideoMeaning of a Linear Function Example
VideoUsing Slope to Create a Line
VideoROC (Rate of Change) Losing Influence Graph
VideoLesson 3 Question 5
VideoLinear Function
VideoUsing Rate of Change
VideoRate of Change Review